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Fall 2016 Registration Dates:

  • Seniors: 03/29/2016

  • Juniors: 03/31/2016

  • Sophomores/Freshmen: 04/04/2016

  • Returning PSEO: 04/07/2016

  • Transfer/Re-Applicants: 04/07/2016

  • New Freshman: 05/02/2016

  • New PSEO:  05/02/2016



For information, see the Graduation Information page.

Contact Jeremy Williamson at 612.343.4407, or with any questions.


Veteran Affairs Certifying Official:
Jeremy Williamson, 612.343.4407


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  • Graduation Steps
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Our office is located across from Student Financial Services at the north end of Miller Hall's first floor.
M-F, 8:00 - 4:30 pm
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(612) 343-4409
(612) 343-4435


Rehwaldt, Sutton

  • Registration Coordinator
(612) 343-4410

Reese, Tammy

  • Transfer Credit Specialist
(612) 343-4404

Murphy, Mary

  • Registrar
(612) 343-4406

Williamson, Jeremy

  • Associate Registrar
(612) 343-4407



Academic Petition Forms are turned in to the Registrar's Office. These forms may be used to deal with any issues regarding academics (i.e. directed research classes, incomplete grades, etc.). For grade disputes, a student must first go to the professor, then to the department chair. If there are no favorable results, then a student may fill out an academic petition.

North Central University participates in the college level Advanced Placement Program through which students who have completed Advanced Placement work in high school may receive college credit. Advanced Placement credit will be granted provided an acceptable grade is earned and the course is required for the student's program. Students may not receive double credit by taking the course in addition to passing the Advanced Placement course. Advanced Placement credit will be granted in areas where course work has not been taken. The acceptable Advanced Placement exams are listed along with the equivalent course it will replace in our program requirements.

Advanced Standing is used to receive credit if you have life experience for a particular course. You must obtain a signature from the Department Chair of the course for which you want credit, then take the form to the Cashier's Office where you will pay one third of the current tuition rate (this means that you must have the money in your hand or already on your student account; you can't "charge it" to your account). Then, your Advanced Standing Form should be turned in to the Registrar's Office.


Fill out this form if you want to change advisors. You must get the signatures of both your current advisor and your new advisor, then turn the form back into the Registrar's Office.

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers an opportunity to earn college level credit for knowledge already acquired. North Central will accept CLEP credits as transfer credits to meet the equivalent course requirements. This form lists the following: eligibility requirements, deadlines, testing dates & fees, and minimum scores required for credit.


Declaration of Major Forms are used to declare or change your major, minor, or supporting program. These forms are turned in to the Registrar's Office.


To make adjustments to your DA sheet, please fill out the this form and return it to the Registrar’s Office. We are glad to make necessary corrections as you notice them. Please remember, however, that program/course substitutions require the signature of your Departmental Chairperson on an official Variance Request Form (available from the Registrar’s Office).


Diploma Request Forms are used to have your diploma replaced. Fill out the form as completely as possible. The fee must accompany the request; we accept cash, check, or money order. Requests take approx. 2 weeks to process.

Faculty members wishing to change a student's final grade for a course should complete this form and submit it to the Registrar's office within one semester of the course completion

You can now request your transcript online, any time of day or night! Click here to order your transcript.

Fill out this form if you would like to transfer credits to NCU from another school that did not transfer over when you first began at NCU.

Thinking about taking a class at a community college this summer? Interested in completing a CLEP exam? Want to make sure it will transfer? Fill out a Transfer Credit Request Form, attach the course description, then turn in the form to the Registrar's Office.

This form is to be completed for Unofficial Transcripts only. Once this form is complete, please fax it to the Registrar Office at 612.343.4435 or email it to For any questions regarding this, please contact the main office at 612.343.4409.

If you would like to receive a copy of your Official Transcript, all ordering must be done at

This form is to be completed before the first day of the semester for all Veterans wanting to receive aid through their GI Bill.

Variance Request Forms are used to ask for a variance (one class being taken in place of another) on the student's Degree Analysis Sheet. Please take the form to the Department Chair of the course, then bring it to the Registrar's Office.

A Verification Letter is a letter that NCU sends to insurance companies to verify enrollment at NCU for students. Students may request that a Verification Letter be sent by filling out the Verification Letter Request Form.


General Information


For more information on our Fall Commencement Ceremony, click on the link above.

Please contact Jeremy Williamson at 612.343.4407 or with any questions

For helpful information on directions and parking information for our Fall and Spring Commencement ceremonies, click on the link above.

For information on special hotel rates for our Commencement guests, click on the link above.

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