Student Accounts

General Information

The Student Accounts Office is here to educate, assist and serve students as it relates to their financial responsibilities of attending North Central University. North Central University is making it easier than ever to pay your tuition, room, board and textbooks.

We are online! You can look up account balances and pay your bill from any remote location. You can do this through your NCU UNET, Paper statements are mailed out only a few times a year, but you can always go online and view your statements and pay your bill 24 hours a day. North Central accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover or an electronic debit from your checking or savings account.

If you are a parent wanting to pay your students tuition, you can log in to You will need your student's six digit ID # and enter their last name. Another option would be to set-up an Authorized User Pin with your student to have access to their online account.


  • Student Account Payments
  • Financial Registration
  • Hope and Lifetime Learning Tax Credits
  • Perkins Loans
More information about some of these services can be found by clicking here.


Our office is located on the first floor, north side, of Miller Hall
Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Closed school holidays
Click here contact form
(612) 343-4401
(612) 343-8067


Taylor, Carla

  • Student Accounts/ Accounts Receivable Specialist
(612) 343-4415

Wendorf, Rachel

  • Director of Student Accounts
(612) 343-4414



This form is used to request a petition to the Financial Advisory Committee for any dispute with a charge on your student account.

This form is used by students to request a copy of the 1098-T for tax purposes.

This form is used by students to request the Student Accounts office retain a balance in their account.

General Information

Explanations of why and when different types of fees are assessed.

A how to guide on creating an Authorized User PIN for CASHNet. 

A how to guide on making a payment on a student's account. 

A how to guide on making a payment on a student's account. 

A how to guide on making a payment on a student's account.

Learn how to view your statement online by going through this online tutorial.

Perkins Loans


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