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Welcome to the Student Success Center, a program that seeks to encourage the success of all students in all areas by providing holistic, integrated, on-campus student services.  These services are geared toward helping you find support to grow as a vibrant and academically confident student; find purpose that will help you bring your faith, academic, and job pursuits into harmony; and find hope that comes from insight, healing, and personal growth.  Combining all we do into one office means that we can equip and empower you in a way that is convenient and connected.  It also means we can join our specialties together to provide better quality support, because we know that helping you succeed is a multi-layered process.  So when you are presented with challenges and questions during college, we are well equipped to help you grow through them.  Of course, we can partner with you in the small things too- before they turn into something bigger.  Whatever the case, you can trust our staff to collaboratively provide support that makes sense for you.


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Our office is located on the second floor of Miller Hall, next to the central (main) stairs
M-F 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; closed daily for chapel and lunch
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(612) 343-5000
(612) 343-4778


Ritter, Stephanie

  • Academic Specialist/Assistant Director
(612) 343-3510

Ritter, Stephanie

  • Academic Specialist/Assistant Director
(612) 343-3510

Brown, Molly

  • Student Success Center Services Coordinator
(612) 343-5000

Lewandowski, Katie

  • Part-Time Counselor
(651) 343-3511

Devine, Emily

  • SSC Services Coordinator
(612) 343-5000

Sherrill , Ginny

  • SSC Services Coordinator
(612) 343-5000

Hinton, Matthew

  • Assistant Director of Career Services
(612) 343-3512

Monger, Todd

  • Clinical Director, Student Success Center
  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
(612) 343-3513


Disability Services


Psychoeducational Testing in the Twin Cities Area


The cost of testing will vary depending on your health insurance coverage, whether you

choose to use the professionals in your coverage, or decide on another clinic

or educational specialist to administer the testing.


Associated Colleges, Twin Cities (ACTC)                                          952-993-2498   Barb Mandel

College of St. Catherine

2004 Randolph Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55105

Services:              LD Testing

Fees:                     Full LD assessment is $450




Alexander Center                                                                                     952-993-2498   Park Nicollet11455 Viking DriveM & I Bldg.,  Suite 300Eden Prairie, MN


Services:              Autism Spectrum, Aspersers, Dyslexia, ADD and LD assessment for children under age 18

Fees:                     Educational Evaluation for LD and Dyslexia $726 (not covered by insurance)




Courage Center                                                                                         763-520-0496   Norman Cohen, Ph.D3915 Golden Valley Road

Golden Valley, MN 5542

Services:              LD assessment (including second language learning); ADHD assessment; neuropsychological assessment; cognitive retraining; occupational, physical, and speech therapy

Fees:                     Assessment cost is $200/hr; sliding fee scale available




David Morris                                                                                              651-439-4040   3681C Osgood Ave N.Stillwater, MN55082

Services:              ADHD assessment

Fees:                $140/hour


Deborah Roman, Psy.D., L.P. and Erin Holker, Ph.D., L.P             952-920-6377   Neuropsychology LabUniversity of Minnesota420 Delaware Street SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455

Services:              LD assessment; neuropsychological evaluation for brain injury; referral for medication management

Fees:                     LD assessment average cost is $1,000; neuropsychological evaluation average cost is $1,600-2,000; payment options available; provider for most insurances.  Must be referred and bill insurance (if covered).



Francis Pasnecker, Ph.D., L.P.                                                               763-543-6971  5851 Duluth Street, Suite 115

Golden Valley, MN 55422


Services:              LD assessment (including second language learning) and ADHD assessment; cognitive retraining for memory impairment and ADHD; assessment and therapy for emotional functioning; referral for medication management

Fees:                     LD and ADHD assessment average cost is $750-$1,000.  Therapy is $180/hr.



Gary Johnson, Ph.D., L.P.                                                                        612-872-9072  Loring Family Clinic

430 Oak Grove Street, Suite 414

Minneapolis, MN 55403

Services:              ADHD assessment

Fees:                     ADHD assessment average cost is $1,450



Groves Academy                                                                                       952-920-6377   Ray Boyd3200 Hwy 100 SouthSt. Louis Park, MN 55416

Services:              LD assessment (including second language learning) and ADHD assessment; tutoring

Fees:                     LD and ADHD assessment average cost is $500-800



Learning and Language Specialists                                                     763-545-7708   Susan Storti, Ph.D., Psychologist

Contact Name: Luann Graber1405 Lilac Dr.  #200Minneapolis, MN 55422

Services:              Neuropsychological assessments including LD, ADHD, and other cognitive disorders

Fees:                     Only does complete evaluations that cost about $2,700, accepts most insurance coverage



Learning Disabilities Association of Minnesota (LDA)                952-922-8374   5354 Parkdale Drive, Suite 200

 St. Louis Park, MN 55416


Services:              LD assessment; tutorial assistance for study and academic skills; vocational counseling

Fees:                     Testing costs range from $700-$1,560 with average cost being $1,400; tutoring and vocational counseling $55/hr


Natalis, Counseling & Psychology Solutions                                  651-379-5157

2550 University Avenue West, Suite 314,

St. Paul, MN 55104


Services:              Psychological diagnostic assessments/evaluations, ADHD assessments, learning assessments, neuropsychological assessments, chemical health assessments, chemical health therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, career counseling, psychiatry/medication management, care management.



Testing Plus, Inc.                                                                                       952-884-7042Patricia Higgins, M.A.8307 Portland Ave. SBloomington, MN 55420




Greater Twin Cities Area


Dyslexia Institute of Minnesota / The Reading Center               read@thereadingcenter.orgNancy Sears, MA, Fellow/AOGPEJean Hayward, MA, Fellow/AOGPE847 5th St. NWRochester, MN


Services:              Dyslexia testing, educational therapy, educational materials and software programs

Fees:                     Call for testing prices; educational therapy starts at $42/hr.



University of Wisconsin, Stout                                                            715-232-2404   Clinical Services Center

Vocational Rehabilitation Building, 2nd floor, Room 221

Menominee, WI 54751

Services:              LD assessments, neuropsychological assessments for brain dysfunctions, psychological evaluations.  Requires 3-5 trips to Stout for full testing.

Fees:                     LD testing is $100 total.






Inclusion on this list does not constitute endorsement from North Central University.

 Check with the provider for the latest updates on costs and services.

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