Emily Devine

  • SSC Services Coordinator
(612) 343-5000

Emily is a native resident of the Twin Cities and appreciates the cultured atmosphere.  She is currently a student at North Central University and is pursuing licensure to teach elementary education with an emphasis on communication arts and literature in the middle grades.  Emily is also attaining a TEFL certificate to aid her in her future profession. 

In the past, Emily has enjoyed coaching instructional gymnastics, being a camp counselor, a female lead counselor, and an SSC tutor.  She has also participated in various volunteer opportunities throughout Minneapolis.  Emily finds great value in being an active community member and dedicating time and effort towards building meaningful relationships. 

Here at the Student Success Center, Emily helps with a multitude of areas, including academic, career, counseling, and disability services.  Emily is motivated to help students to develop their strengths and to achieve success in all aspects of life.  She is inspired by those who display resilience and consistency despite unfortunate circumstances.  Emily unwinds by going for a long sunny run or by sipping a delightful cup of coffee.