Mike Nosser

  • Vice President of Student Development
(612) 343-4178
  • BA in Pastoral Studies and Behavioral Science, North Central University
  • Master's of Science in Community Counseling, Seattle Pacific University
Mike has served in many capacities in the Student Development profession. He began his career as a student leader in the mid-80's. He served 8 years as a Dean of Men and Director of Residence Life at Northwest Unibersity in Kirkland, WA. While there he was instrumental in restructuring the Student Development department. He came back to North Central University in 1996 to serve as Assistant Dean of Students. In 1999 he was again able to be a part of a complete overhaul and restructure of the Student Development department. Mike has served as the Vice president of Student Development since the end of 1999. Mike and his wife, Tiffany, are the proud parents of 5 children. They are active in the local church and community. He has served in various positions ranging from coach to Sunday School teacher.