Noah J. Stommel

  • Assistant Director
  • Academic Specialist
(612) 343-5100
  • B.S. Secondary Education, Social Studies, North Central University
Professional Experience: 
  • Services Coordinator - Student Success Center, North Central University
  • Assistant Manager - Computer Solutions, Burkesville, KY
  • Nova Classical Academy (Student Teacher)

Noah grew up in southern Kentucky, two hours from anywhere anyone has heard of. He spent five years as a North Central student and graduated with a degree in Secondary Education. Noah now lives in downtown St. Paul amongst a pile of books.

 In addition to providing academic support, Noah brings a wealth of knowledge to assist students in navigating university life. As a graduate of NCU with professional experience working in the Student Success Center and experience as a CRLA certified tutor, Noah quickly understands exactly what students are facing when they seek out his services. He also holds a current teaching liscence in the state of Minnesota. Noah’s intellectual, thoughtful nature is experienced from the moment one begins a conversation with him; and his love for students and learning drives his desire to see others succeed.