Name Office
Brose, Caleb Student Government
Agrimson, Keri Student Engagement & Experiential Learning
Hanley, Susanne Registrar
Bach, Jerilyn Academic Affairs
Dunston, Raina Registrar
Bell, C.J. Facilities Management
Muehlfeld, Kristen Registrar
Fischer, Andy Marketing and Communications
O’Brien, Lydia Registrar
Fletcher, Chris Library
Murphy, Mary Registrar
Galyen, Ryan Information Technology
Gray, Rachel Student Success Center
Heindel, Chanyce Admissions
Jacobs, Kevin Information Technology
Walker Knoot, Jennie Library
Davis, Abigail Student Development
Erickson, Mark Marketing and Communications
Fischer, Andy Marketing and Communications
Flores, Julian Marketing and Communications
Hitchcock, Gina Financial Aid
Mohrmann, Dane Marketing and Communications
White, Erin Student Development
Peterson, Faith
Wical, Catherine
Pyron Tankersley, Victoria Marketing and Communications
Wical, Catherine
Wible, Scott Marketing and Communications
Harris, James Admissions
Berrong, Latesha Admissions
Breister, Amanda Admissions
Harshbarger, Beth Admissions
Bluto, Leslie
Kraines, Ashley Admissions
Burkman, Bethany Admissions
Dunston, Jay Admissions
Waldon, Tyrone Library
Brunner, Paul Athletics
Vital, Jesus Admissions
Guntlisbergen, David Admissions
Verbracken, Chris Admissions
Martin, Joshua Admissions
Roeder, Allison Admissions
Hull, Katie Admissions
Brown, Molly Student Success Center
Elequin, Marvin Admissions
Pearson, Morgan Admissions
Robertson, Jordan Facilities Management
Shirk, Mykelti Admissions
Wileman, Tim Admissions
Duval, Casie Security
Hershberger, Ashley Housekeeping
Puch, Maggie University Relations
Fritzel, Darrell Accounting
Kipp, Se Young Student Development
Lewandowski, Katie
Devine, Emily Student Success Center
Sherrill , Ginny Student Success Center
White, Michael University Relations
Keller, Jesse Media Services
Velez, Gabriella
Frank, Cody Information Technology
Lewin, Vienna
Cappelli, Michael
Hinton, Matthew
Berrong, Latesha
Anderson, Stephanie Office of the President
High, Jon
Austin, Eric Financial Aid
Helle, Hannah Financial Aid
Muchow, Monica Financial Aid
Wipf, Alicia Financial Aid
Berg, Kelly
Fleck, Chris Advancement
Meadows, Trey
Meadows, Allison
Schmidt, Stephanie
Berggren, Daniel Facilities Management
Monger, Todd
Evans, Justin Library
Wenzel, Marlana
Schenk, Edwin Library
Burkman, Thomas Academic Affairs
Shirk, Diane Academic Affairs
Rozowski, Casey Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Milani, Craig Security
Fox, Marty Facilities Management
Holmer, Lee Facilities Management
Smith, Jake Athletics
Huisinga, Ken Facilities Management
Langmade, Marv Facilities Management
Pettigrew, Nick Media Services
Ligocki, Larry Facilities Management
Nash, Bruce Facilities Management
Robrahn, Adam Facilities Management
Vetter, Jay Facilities Management
Wehr, Katy
Leeper, Greg Student Engagement & Experiential Learning
Walker, Chelcy
Wipf, Brittany
Anderson, Dr. Gordon Office of the President
Andrews, Greg Food Services
Book, Wes
Book, Cheryl Business Office
Canfield, Diane Accounting
Carlson, Sandy Food Services
Freitag, Paul Advancement
Hedstrom, Kristi
Herlick, Jodi
Jensen, Bruce Accounting
Johnson, Karla
Larson, Tiffany Student Government
Jones, Judy Advancement
Krahn, Steve Information Technology
Leuthold, Chet Information Technology
Maschke, Carl Information Technology
Milani, Lauren Housekeeping
Miller, Alisha Bookstore
Montezon, Juice
Nosser, Mike Student Development
Palser, Nicole
Pearson, Steve Information Technology
Reichow, Julie Accounting
Stenglein, Marilyn Accounting
Taylor, Carla Student Accounts
Ward, Doug Bookstore
Watson, Brandon Housekeeping
Adams, Sarah
Wendorf, Rachel Student Accounts
Williamson, Jeremy
Woelfle, Chris