Alternative (Private) Loans

Federal regulations exist to guide schools and students in regards to the private loan process.  The goal of these regulations and the school’s efforts is to ensure:

  • Informed student loan borrowing
  • Borrower choice of lender
  • Transparency and high ethical standards in the student lending process
  • Selection of preferred lender based on best interest of borrowers

Based on these guidelines North Central University has developed a list of recommended lenders to assist families in making an educated financial decision.  Lenders were evaluated based on their ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Dedicated contact and support personnel available for resolving issues on behalf of the school and the student
  • Proven track record of stability within the industry and commitment to North Central students
  • Ability to process and disburse loans electronically
  • No membership or association requirement
  • Competitive interest rates and benefits offered to students

 North Central is able to process loans through other lenders; however, the lenders on our list have been selected based on their ability to deliver the best services to our students.  We encourage you to review the list before making your financial decision.

  • Varies based on need.

  • Requirements vary by lender.


Alternative (Private) Loan Options


North Central University has developed a Financial Aid Office Code of Conduct in the interest of transparency and high ethical standards in order to best serve our students.