Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan

This federal loan program has the same terms and conditions as the Direct Subsidized Stafford program.  The interest rate is fixed and the borrower is responsible for interest that accrues while he/she is in school.

  • Loan amounts are up to $5,500 for freshmen, $6,500 for sophomores, and $7,500 for juniors and seniors. Independent freshmen or sophomores may borrow an additional $4,000 above regular Stafford limits, and independent juniors and seniors may borrow an additional $5,000 above regular Stafford limits.

  • Available to students who do not qualify for the Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan or who are not eligible for the full subsidized Stafford amount.
  • Fixed interest rate of 4.66% for loans made during the 2014-2015 academic year.
  • Loan is repaid within 10 years with payments no less than $50 per month when the standard repayment plan is used.
  • Repayment is deferred until six months after a student graduates, withdraws, or drops below half-time status.


To apply for a Direct Stafford loan:


If you have borrowed Direct Stafford Loans while attending North Central University, you are required to complete exit counseling when:

  • You graduate from North Central University.
  • You withdraw or decide not to return to North Central University.
  • You take fewer than 6 credits during a regular fall or spring term.