Steps to Receiving Aid

To view the financial aid application steps for different types of applicants (Freshman, Transfer, etc.) select the appropriate option (below):


Complete the PSEO Application Process

Students participating in North Central's PSEO program are released from most fees, including an application fee, tuition, technology fee, fees for eligible courses, student I.D. cards, and the cost of all required textbooks. Students are responsible for incidental school supplies (paper, pens, athletic equipment, etc.) PSEO students are not eligible for any additional financial aid. If a PSEO student chooses to take a class that is not on the list of PSEO Eligible Courses, they will be responsible for all tuition, fees, and textbooks associated with that class (e.g. Music Lessons).

Because these fees and charges are waived for students in the PSEO program, PSEO students are not eligible for additional Federal or Institutional Financial Aid.