Work Study General Information

Federal and Minnesota College Work-Study at North Central University

What is work-study?

At North Central University, work-study is on-campus employment that is subsidized by the Federal or Minnesota state governments.

Who is eligible for work-study at North Central University?

Eligibility is based on financial need as determined by the FAFSA and any other financial aid awards received.  A student will know they are eligible for work-study by a message that is attached to their NCU Financial Aid Online account (Unet).  This message is available once they have received the Initial Award e-mail.

Please be aware eligibility for work-study does not guarantee a position as there are a limited number of available positions. Work-study supervisors review applications and select applicants based on their job qualifications. Some departments may require an additional application, as well as an interview before they will make an official offer.  If a student is hired for a position, a Revised Award e-mail will be sent directing the student to Unet where a new message will state the position hired for, the hourly wage and the number of hours allowed to work per week. If a student completes a work-study application and has not been contacted regarding a position by the time the semester begins, they may come to the Financial Aid Office to check on available positions.

Once hired, how much does a work-study student make and when are they paid?

The work-study wage is $8.00 per hour.

Work-study earnings cannot exceed the total amount of the work-study award.

A Student’s work-study award cannot be applied towards a student’s school bill at registration. Students will be paid bi-weekly throughout the school year according to the number of hours actually worked.

What kinds of jobs are available?

Listed on the Financial Aid resources page under work-study are the areas that utilize work-study students. Click on the links for each area to view the job description and to obtain the supervisor’s contact information.