Re-Applicant Admissions Overview

Application Process

Students who have attended North Central for one or more semesters and wish to return are considered reapplicant students. The application process for reapplicants is outlined on the Steps to Apply page.

Degree Audit Sheet

Returning students are able to view their records and grades online by using Unet. To login to Unet, use your former North Central email address and password. If you have forgotten your email and/or password information, please contact the Information Technology department. As a general rule, returning students who need seven or more credits to complete their program must re-enter under the current Degree Audit requirements. Reapplicants who need six or less credits to complete their program will most likely be able to return under their original Degree Audit requirements. If you have questions regarding your Degree Audit sheet please contact the Registrar’s Office at 612.343.4409.

Graduation Requirement

In order to graduate from North Central University, 27 of the final 33 credits must be taken from NCU. This allows flexibility for students to transfer six of their last 33 credits if they need to.

Class Registration, Housing, Parking & Check-In

Reapplicants will receive a registration packet which includes information regarding class registration, housing, parking, and finances. All re-applicants are able to register for classes online through Unet and will need to fill out a housing form to notify us of where you plan on living - whether in the dorms, apartments, or off-campus. Click here for the current pricing information. Please click here for Parking information and to apply for a parking permit - both on-campus and commuter parking. This information is included in your registration packet but it is also available upon request from the Admissions Office. Check-in is required for all returning students and it is the Monday during Welcome Week. Please contact the Admissions Office with any questions.