Steps after Acceptance

To view the steps required after acceptance for different types of applicants (PSEO, Transfer, etc.) select the appropriate option (below):


Receive Your Registration Packet

Approximately midway through the semester before you are scheduled to enroll, you will receive your New Student Registration Packet including parking information and class registration information.  Follow the instructions and information outlined in this packet as you complete the rest of your registration process.

Register for Classes

Your registration packet will include your NCU username and password.  Using this information, log in to the Unet system to register for the classes you would like to take.

Class registration for PSEO students is based on the student's high school requirements. Where possible, courses selected to meet high school requirements will also meet North Central freshman requirements. Since each high school and each student program is unique, the PSEO Coordinator will work closely with students throughout their participation in the PSEO program. The class schedule for PSEO students will be based on high school requirements, choice of acedemic major, and space availability at the time of registration. Due to PSEO guidelines for the state of Minnesota and/or North Central determination, some North Central courses are not available to students in the PSEO program. Classes must be on the list of PSEO eligible courses. PSEO students can take a 3-15 credits per semester.

Complete Your PSEO Parking Application

Recommended completion date: July 15th

Students who would like to request any of NCU's parking options must complete the parking application process.  As a PSEO student, you call apply for commuter or street parking.  More information about parking policies and current permit prices can be found on the Security Office resources page.  

Purchase Your Books

Once you are registered for classes, you will be able to view a list of books required for your semester. To access our bookstore page, use the link below. You will be able to pick up your textbooks during the PSEO Orientation Day.

Attend PSEO Orientation Day

Your Registration packet will include information pertaining to the PSEO Orientation Day. Further communication will be sent from the PSEO Coordinator informing you of the date and agenda.  Communication will be sent by mid-summer for the Fall semester and mid-November for the Spring semester. Any questions pertaining to Orientation can be directed to the PSEO Coordinator.