Steps after Acceptance

To view the steps required after acceptance for different types of applicants (PSEO, Transfer, etc.) select the appropriate option (below):


Enrollment Deposit

Congratulations on being ACCEPTED! What's next?

Pay your enrollment deposit EARLY (by April 1).  Here's why:

1) Then you can register for classes EARLY, increasing your chances of getting the classes you want, when you want them.

2) And then you can complete and submit your housing form EARLY, increasing your chances of getting your first choice of places to live.

EARLY works.  Do it today.

Complete the Financial Aid Application Process

Recommended completion date: March 15th

You can begin the Financial Aid Process as soon as you are accepted to NCU.  Carefully follow the steps to receive Financial Aid to ensure you receive all the aid you are eligible to receive. 

After completing the FAFSA, you will either receive notification of additional forms that are needed or you will receive an official award letter. Once you have the award letter, you can begin planning financially by calculating your total cost of attendance and then talking to your Admissions Counselor about the aid you have been awarded.

Submit a Housing Application

Recommended completion date: April 1st

All students must complete a form indicating their plans for housing during the semester.  This includes applying to live in the dorms, campus apartments, or off-campus as a commuter.  Housing application forms are available online. You will need your student username and password in order to apply for housing. This information is sent on a postcard that is enclosed in your acceptance letter. If you lost or forgot your login info, feel free to contact your Admissions Counselor. In order to view a description of the various dorms and more information on housing, please refer to the below “Housing Information Packet.”

All housing is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis so we recommend that you apply for housing right after you are accepted.

Receive Your Registration Packet

Approximately midway through the semester before you are scheduled to enroll, you will receive your New Student Registration Packet including housing forms, parking information, and class registration information.  Follow the instructions and information outlined in this packet as you complete the rest of your registration process.

Register for Classes

Recommended completion date: June 15th

Your registration packet will include your NCU username and password.  Using this information, log in to the Unet system to register for the classes you would like to take. Class registration for new students will open in either April or May depending on your class standing. You don’t need to wait until an NSR Day to register for classes. We actually suggest that you complete your registration prior to an NSR Day and then just verify your schedule while you are here on campus.

Attend a New Student Registration Day

While NSR Days are not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of this opportunity to get acquainted with the campus, meet other incoming students, pick up your student ID card, talk with financial aid, and complete other registration steps.  Not only will you be that much more prepared for the semester to start, but you'll be able to avoid having to complete these tasks during Welcome Week.

Complete Your Parking Application

Recommended completion date: July 15th

Students who would like to request any of NCU's parking options must complete the parking application process.  We have the following parking options and all must be applied for: On-Campus, Commuter, Elliot East, Mensing, and street parking.  More information about parking policies and current permit prices can be found on the Security Office resources page.  

Complete & Submit Your Immunization Form

Recommended completion date: July 31

Minnesota Law (M.S. 135A.14) requires proof that all students born after 1956 are vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella. The following Immunization Form must be completed and signed prior to beginning your first semester at NCU. The form is very simple – just write your name at the top and then fill out Part 1 if you are from MN, fill out Part 2 if you are transferring, or fill out Part 3 if you graduated from high school in a state other than MN. There is no need for a doctor’s signature unless you want to file a medical exemption.

Purchase Your Books

Once you are registered for classes, you will be able to view a list of books required for your semester. You can reserve your books online through our bookstore starting at the end of July. To access our bookstore page, use the link below. For detailed instructions on how to purchase books, click on the “Customer Service” link. The great part about reserving your books ahead of time is that they will be ready for pick-up during Welcome Week, which means you can skip all the long lines!

Search for Student Employment
Local Jobs

Minneapolis is the 16th largest U.S. market; there are plenty of local employers within walking distance or easily accessible by light-rail or bus. Begin searching postings today! NCU also hosts a job fair the first week of school.

On-Campus Jobs

To find work on-campus jobs, contact the office that you would like to work for directly (e.g. call or walk-in). On-campus jobs are popular, and are filled quickly. Some offices, such as Housekeeping and Food Services, are always accepting applications.

Work Study

Students may qualify for Work Study positions as indicated in their financial aid package. For more information, visit the Work Study page or connect with the Financial Aid office.

NCU’s Job Website: CareerWire

Part-time jobs for the school year are regularly posted on CareerWire. To login you’ll need your Student ID Number, which you can get from the Registrar.

Get Ready for Welcome Week

Welcome Week occurs during the few days prior to classes beginning and is required for all incoming students. It begins with all residential students moving into their dorms and then continues with various sessions and activities that introduce you to the North Central community. Further information about Welcome Week can be found online as well as in your Registration Packet.