Fast Facts

Here it is. Everything you wanted to know about North Central. Well, not exactly everything, but it's a good place to start.


Is there an application deadline?

Yes.  Fall: June 1st and Spring: December 1st

How long does it take to process an application and when will the acceptance letter be mailed out?

It will take two weeks once we have received the last application piece

Is an application fee required, and if so how much?

Yes - $25.00.

What is the average fall enrollment?

1100 Students

Does the college require a minimum ACT/SAT score for Admission?

Yes.  ACT - 18  SAT - 850 (You do not have to test the writing portion)

Are references required for Admission?


Must a physical examination be submitted prior to Admission?

No - but we need verification of immunization after acceptance

Must a prescribed curriculum be completed in high school?

No - You must meet state requirements for graduation

Are high school honors courses weighed in favor of the grade point average and what is the minimum GPA required?

No they are not weighted - a 2.2 GPA is required

Will the college accept the General Education Diploma (GED)?

Yes - We will need an official copy of your GED

Will the college honor a home study program or diploma from an unaccredited private high school?


How will the college evaluate or use two or more sets of ACT/SAT scores?

We will use the best score

Does the college offer a PSEO program?


Is there a waiting list for Admission?


Can new freshman or transfer students begin during any semester?

New freshmen and transfers can enter only in the fall or spring semesters.  New students are not admitted for the summer term.

Does the college offer a Joint Enrollment Program?

Yes - NCU has a partnership with MCTC & through an Air Force ROTC program that is available at Saint Thomas and an Army ROTC at the U of M

Does the college offer Remedial or Developmental services?

Yes - We have a basic systematic learning class called Strategies for Success.  The Student Success Center (SSC) offers many tutorial, counseling, and other services for anyone who asks.

Does the college have a toll free phone number?

Yes: 1.800.289.6222


What is the core curriculum or general education requirement?

General Education and Bible = 59 Credits

Explain the semester system

The semester system lasts 15 weeks and classes are typically worth 3 credits.  There are two semesters per academic year.

Will the college honor AP or CLEP and if so, what are the minimum scores to receive credit?

Yes - See the AP and CLEP exam transfer chart on our website

How many courses are considered a full load?

12 credits is considered full time - usually 4 courses

When must an academic major be declared?

There is no specific deadline, but by junior year all of the general education requirements would be complete

Will "D's" transfer in from other colleges?

No - Only courses with a "C-" average or above will transfer

Does North Central University have a graduate school?

Yes. Launching in 2014 with carefully selected leadership courses, our Graduate Studies program will expand in the future to include a wide variety of certificate and Master's program options.

What major agencies accredit the college?

The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (The same accreditation as the University of MN)

What is the student/faculty ratio?


Student Life

May freshmen have cars on campus?

We have limited parking available so freshmen can apply for parking, though upper classmen are given priority

Are students required to purchase a meal plan?

Yes - if they live in the residence halls

Is there a dress code?

No - we have a modesty policy

What are some of the campus organizations?

Lifecore, Delta Kappa, Praise Gathering, Impact, Co-Mission, Release, Render

Is there a health facility on campus?

No - Hennepin County Medical Center is across the street and a minute clinic is around the corner

What are some of the music groups that exist?

One Accord, Worship Live, Chorale, Women's Chorus, Festival Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Mixed Chorus, Soulful Praize, Guitar Ensemble, Rhythm Section Ensemble, and other student led worship teams

Does the college sponsor a drama or theatre club?

There is a Fall and Spring musical as well as a drama group that goes out throughout the semester called NCU Crew

Is there assistance for finding a job?

Yes – Career Services Professionals in the Student Success Center offer information and guidance through each phase of career development, including job search tools such as CareerWire, job fairs, and on-campus interviews.


Does the college offer an option between dormitories and apartment living?

Yes - Though apartment living is for upperclassmen and married students

Do co-ed dorms exist?

Buildings are co-ed - the floors are not

Are the dorms staffed with Residence House Directors?


Are students allowed to keep pets in their rooms?

No - Only freshwater fish

What appliances are not permitted in the dormitory room?

No irons, George Foremans, toasters, or anything with an open coil

Are freshmen permitted to live off-campus?

Only if they are living with a parent or guardian, or 23 years old, or married

May students have private rooms?

Yes - though upperclassmen have priority

How many students share a room?

2 to 4 depending on room and building

Are the dorms air conditioned?

Phillipps Hall is air conditioned

Is there an enrollment deposit required to reserve space?

There is an enrollment deposit of $200.00 which is required before students can register for classes and be given a housing assignment.

Do the dorms have laundry facilities?

Yes - Miller Hall has a laundry room on the 4th floor, Carlson Hall has a laundry room on the 3rd floor, and Phillips Hall has a laundry room on the 1st floor.

Do the dorm rooms have private or hall baths?

Miller and Carlson have communal baths and Phillips Hall has private baths.

Are students subject to curfew and how are dorms secured for the evenings?

Curfew is 1:30am every night for Freshmen and Sophomores.  Juniors and Seniors do not have a curfew, though they need to sign into Security upon arriving to campus.  All buildings are locked and security does rounds on the campus 24 hours a day.


What athletic scholarships are available?

We do not offer athletic scholarships

In what athletic association(s), division(s), and conference does the college participate?

NCCAA Div 2, NCAA Div 3, UMAC Conference

In what intercollegiate sports does the college participate? (men and women)

Varsity sports - M/W Basketball, M/W Soccer, M/W Track and Cross Country, M/W Tennis, M/W Golf, W Volleyball, M Baseball, W Softball

Does the college offer an intramural program and if so, which sports are most popular?

Flag Football, Basketball, and others depending on the year.  For more information, visit the Office of Recreation and Wellness.

What general athletic facilities exist for overall student use?

The gym, the fitness center, (there are tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer field, and skate park accross the street in Elliot Park).

Financial Aid and Expenses

Are jobs available on the college campus?

Yes - We offer work study according to the student's FAFSA as well as non-work study positions

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Fill our a FAFSA and a North Central Application for Admission

Will the college bill me for tuition and fees and when are fees due?

Yes - you receive a statement after you have registered for classes and applied for housing. 

Will the college take a credit card?


General College Questions

How large is the campus in acreage?

12.5 acres or about 8 city blocks from Liechty Hall to Mensing Hall

How many buildings are located on the campus?

22 (24 if you include our parking ramps)

What year was the college founded?

1930: Founded, 1986: Gained our accreditation, 1998: North Central University

Is there a campus visit day for prospective students?

Yes - NCU Days, Campus Preview Days, and Personal Visits

From what geographical area does the college get most of its students?

The Midwest

What attractions are in reasonable distance to the college?

Mall of America, Metrodome, Twins Stadium, Orchestra Hall, The Farmer's Market, Stone Arch Bridge, Lake Calhoun, Valleyfair, and other attractions in the area

Is there an ATM on campus?

Yes - there is a TCF ATM on campus.  NCU is located next to many different banks.

What is the ratio of enrolled males and females?


Is chapel attendance required?

Yes - There is a skip policy that is dependent upon your class standing

Is cable and internet available in my dorm room?

Yes - there is free internet available for all students using a hardwire connection.  There is cable available as an option with a small fee attached depending on where you're housed.

Is there a Sunday morning church service on campus?

No - but there are many churches close to campus and many students carpool to other metro area churches

Are there any areas available for commuter students?

Yes - There are two commuter lounges as well as common areas available

Can I buy books on campus?

Yes - The NCU bookstore has all text books available new and used.  They can be purchased and resold - and some titles are available for rent.

Does Security work around the clock?

Yes - They provide walking escorts upon the request of the student.  Occasionally they also provide van rides to different buildings on campus.

Can I send and receive packages on campus?

Yes - The NCU Mail Center uses the USPS as their postal carrier

Is there a fitness center fee?


My friend wants to stay with me in the dorms; will Admissions give them free meal tickets?

If the student has an Admissions appointment scheduled, Admissions will give them meal tickets for the time of their stay on campus - up to 6 meals.