Steps to Apply

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Home School Transcript or GED Scores

All students who attend North Central University are required to show proof that they have completed their state’s requirements for high school graduation. The homeschool family is responsible for knowing the requirements for their state. Proof of graduation is traditionally provided through a high school transcript. At North Central we offer three options for home school students to meet this requirement.

1. GED (General Educational Development Test)

Some states require that a home school student take the GED. (If your state requires a GED, then you would need to request your GED scores be sent to us.)

2. Student Transcript (provided by outside source)

If affiliated with a home school program, academy, or consortium, request that they forward a copy of the student’s official transcript to North Central University. If you participate with an organization that does not provide a student transcript, the family will be responsible to provide a transcript as stated in the step below.

3. Student Transcript (provided by family)

If the program has been customized by the family, you will need to provide North Central with a detailed transcript. The person in charge of the homeschool program is the one who makes the transcript official.  This may be done using the Home School Transcript Form if desired.

If you choose to create your own student transcript, following information is required:

Name of Each Class

Grade for Each Class

Program Used for Each Class

  • If students have used outside curriculum, this needs to be stated beside the name of the course.

    • Ex: Algebra I (Saxon)

  • If students used the same coursework for all classes except certain classes, please state that on the transcripts.

    • Ex: "All classes except those otherwise noted are "Alpha Omega."

  • If textbooks were chosen for certain classes, the names of the textbooks need to be provided.


Provide signature of the person(s) in charge of the home school.

Date of Graduation on the Final Transcript

After the student graduates, we will require a final transcript that will include a date of graduation. Transcripts sent prior to graduation are called an initial transcript and can be used in the acceptance process.

If you have further questions, please contact the Admissions Office at 800.289.6222 or email

College Entrance Exams

ALL students must forward results from either the ACT (American College Testing) examination or the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test). An ACT score of 18 or above (or an SAT total score of 850 or above) is required for regular admission.

Students with test scores below the standard may be considered for admission on a provisional status.