Steps to Apply

To view the specific requirements for different types of applicants (PSEO, Transfer, etc.) select the appropriate option (below):


High School Transcript or GED Scores

Applicants should contact their high school counselor and request that an official copy of their high school transcript be forwarded to the Admissions Office. A 2.2 cumulative GPA is required for regular admission. GPAs below 2.2 can be considered for admission on a provisional basis. A final high school transcript must be sent after graduation. Students who have completed the GED must forward a copy of their scores to the Admissions Office.

College Entrance Exams

ALL students must forward results from either the ACT (American College Testing) examination or the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test). An ACT score of 18 or above (or an SAT total score of 850 or above) is required for regular admission.

Students with test scores below the standard may be considered for admission on a provisional status.

Submit TOEFL Exam Scores

English Certification (for students from non-English-speaking countries) If English is not the applicant's first language, the student will need to submit the scores of their English Certification Test (TOEFL). Information regarding the TOEFL can be found at the TOEFL website. A score of at least 61 for the internet-based test, 170 for the computer test and 500 for the paper test is recommended for admission to North Central University. This test is normally administered four times a year; consequently, the candidate is advised to make inquiry well in advance of the date of anticipated study in the United States