Library Policies

Food and beverage

  • You are welcome to have a beverage anywhere in the library provided it is in a container with a secure lid
  • You are also welcome to consume small snacks anywhere in the library (please clean up any wrappers, sticks, etc.)
  • We would ask our patrons to please refrain from eating meals in the library with the exception of at the tables on the front porch

General quiet

We ask all of our patrons to please be considerate of others using the library and help us to maintain a quiet, peaceful atmosphere in which to study.

  • The first floor is a quiet study area, and we ask patrons to please be respectful of others' need for quiet in that space.
  • Low-level conversation (i.e. just above a whisper) is appropriate in the second floor and basement rooms/study areas, but be mindful that noise carries in these areas.
  • For group projects that require a great deal of conversation, please use our reservable study room (located on the landing as you go up the stairs to the second floor--signup sheets are posted just outside the room).

Cell phone use

In order to help us maintain a quiet atmosphere we ask library users to please:

  • Set cell phones to vibrate while in the library
  • Take any calls that will last longer than a minute to one of the following locations:
    • The area in front of the circulation desk (hallway to Carlson)
    • The porch outside of the front entrance

Guest access

The T. J. Jones Library is a private library for the use of the NCU community and is not open to the general public. We welcome NCU alumni and guests of the NCU community (including Assemblies of God ministers and missionaries, as well as Bethlehem College and Seminary students).  As a library with a strong collection in biblical and theological studies (especially from a Pentecostal perspective), we also accommodate researchers with a special interest in those subject areas.