Reservable Study Room

The T.J. Jones Library currently has one reservable study room located on the landing as you go up the stairs to the second floor.  Groups can reserve the room by signing up for a time slot on the sheets located outside the room, or by calling the library (612)-343-4490.  Please note the following guidelines for its use.


  1. Groups should sign up for no more than four half-hour blocks at a time (i.e., 2 hours or less).
  2. Groups take precedence over individuals.  Whenever the room is not in use, anyone can use it on a first come, first served basis.  However, an individual may not reserve this room for his/her own personal study, and an individual using the room may be asked to move to a different study space in the event that a group has need of it.
  3. Keep noise levels reasonable.  Closed doors help, but be mindful that the library is generally a quiet environment and noise caries to both the first and second floor study areas.
  4. Please do not reserve this room for club/floor/personal meetings.  The purpose of the room is to provide collaborative study space, so unless your class requires original research on watching movies with friends, playing games, having committee meetings, etc., please find another space for those sorts of activities.