Business Administration

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Looking to pursue a career in business? Good, because a degree in business administration offers something essential for landing a job in a today's economy: options.

A business administration degree is versatile, practical and popular with employers in all industries.  The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree at NCU prepares professionals to work in a variety of higher-level leadership and management positions all around the world. At NCU, our business administration degree program allows you to personalize your educational experience to fit your interests and career goals.


What Sets Us Apart

Intentional Career Planning

At NCU School of Business, we start your on-ramping towards your career from day one! Read more.

Marketplace Connections

The NCU School of Business experience networks you with top leaders from the most respected companies. Read more.

Degree Plus (+)

A degree from the NCU School of Business is great!  What’s even better are all the extras! Read more.

Tara Tankersley

“North Central University's School of Business has changed my life. Everything from the personal support and relationships with my professors to the real-world applications of the class is above and beyond what I expected. It has not only shaped my goals and aspirations for the future, but has also helped me discover who I am and what I value today.”

Tara Tankersley
Business Administration
Glencoe, Minnesota