NCU Alums "Ride" for Clean Water in African Villages

Date: October 14, 2009 - 2:59pm
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Santa Monica, CA – On June 14, 2009, Participants in the Ride: Well Bike Tour strapped on their helmets and climbed onto their bicycles as they departed from the Pacific Coast and begun their coast to coast fundraiser on June 14, 2009. The Ride: Well Tour, powered by Venture Expeditions, is a cross-country cycling campaign that will trek through 10 states and over 3,000 miles. The goal of the ride is to raise both money and awareness for clean water & HIV/AIDS support in Africa by partnering with Blood: Water Mission.

The ’09 Team is comprised of eighteen young riders who convened in Santa Monica to begin the two month ride across the US to Washington DC. Along the way, they’ll participate in community benefit concerts and other Blood: Water Mission fundraising events.

As the lead sponsor of the 2009 Tour, North Central University is proud to contribute through prayer and financial support. NCU is also proud to see so many of its alumni joining the cause. Among those who are a part of this year’s ride are NCU alumni Drew Nelson (Tour Leader), Erik Pelttari and Erin White. Aaron Smith, Director of Venture Expeditions and the tour's organizer, and Andrew Black, a Venture intern who rode with the Tour from LA to San Diego, are also NCU alumni. Tyler Sevlie, currently a student at NCU, is also on the Ride:Well team this year, and is riding, leading and working on bikes.

“We’re so privileged to partner with Venture, the Ride:Well Tour, and the cause of providing tangible assistance to people without access to clean water and necessary medical tools to battle the AIDS crisis in Africa,” said Executive Director of University Relations Nate Ruch. “NCU shares in this mission, both through financial support and the engagement evidenced by our alumni, on this years team. For North Central University, the people on the receiving end of these efforts can hear us say; ‘Your life (is) Our mission’!”

Clean water is the first step in providing the reliable medical care needed to mitigate the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Wells provide a vital “foothold” for empowering African communities to begin latrine and clinic development. Last years’ Ride:Well Tour raised $201,000 toward Blood:Water Mission's goal of building 1,000 wells in African communities that have little to no clean water.

This year the Venture Expeditions team is aiming even higher, with the goal of providing various necessities that many take for granted to those less fortunate in African villages. Throughout their trip, the riders will keep supporters up to date with pictures, videos, Twitter updates, and blogs as they make their way cross country.

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