PSEO Student Gets Press Recognition

Date: November 9, 2010 - 4:02pm
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Kyle Reiter, a PSEO student at NCU, gets local news coverage on his amazing story of overcoming adversity and pursuing excellence.  On 11/8/2010, the Pioneer Press ran the following article.

Reiter, a senior at Harding High School, was rushed to Hennepin County Medical Center after a July 17, 2006, crash near Penn Avenue and Interstate 494 that took the life of his father and role model, Patrick Reiter.

"The doctors told his family that he should not have lived, and if he was going to make it, he would probably be mentally and physically handicapped, due to severe brain trauma," his application states.

He came out of a coma three weeks later and began learning to walk, talk and write again.

He was released from Hennepin County Medical Center a short time later.

Ranked seventh among 524 senior classmates, Reiter teaches Sunday school at his church. He has served food and ministered to the homeless at Union Gospel Mission. He went on a church mission trip to Uganda last year to help build a storehouse that will benefit AIDS orphans. He also took part in a fundraising bike tour this summer, tracing 1,800 miles of the Underground Railroad from Mobile, Ala., to Buffalo, N.Y., as part of the "5 Weeks for Freedom" tour to fight modern-day slavery.

He has taken enough advanced college courses at North Central University in Minneapolis that he will start college as a sophomore or junior next fall.

"He is a very humble young man who lives his life on the following philosophy: 'In order to understand someone's suffering, you have to live it,' " said Mana Vue, a school official.

Reiter attributes his recovery from the accident and his success to a deep faith in God, as well as the values his late father instilled in him.

"Before he died, he taught me and my brothers how to work hard and work well," Reiter said of his father. "He taught me not to quit, even if it meant losing. My dad was, in a large part, the joy in my life."

Reiter plans a post-college career as an evangelizing instructor or professor of the Gospel.

See original article here: Original Article.  Photography credited to Pioneer Press.