2010/2011 Student President Elected

Date: February 18, 2010 - 10:18am

Minneapolis, MN- The North Central community would like to officially congratulate the newly elected Student Body President and Vice-President, Ian Stachowicz and Katrina Schiferl.  On Thursday February 18, 2010, North Central University held its annual Student Body Presidential Election. After participating in two debates and executing a solid presentation in Thursday's final chapel debut, Stachowicz and Schiferl were chosen by the North Central student body as the leaders of the North Central Student Association (NCSA) for the 2010-2011 year.

During the remaining two months of the spring semester, Stachowicz and Schiferl will select officers to form the NCSA Executive Committee, including an Officer of Finance, Officer of Internal Relations, and Officer of Organizational Development.  They will also shadow the current administration to learn about their roles and prepare their platform. 

The following school year will include exciting opportunities to work closely with staff both in mentoring roles and on formal committees.   The Student Body President will facilitate student-led NCSA Board of Directors meetings, while the Vice-President will work with the student Senate to discuss issues that affect different living areas and communities on campus.  Stachowicz and Schiferl and their selected committee members will also have the task of planning one of the most exciting events on campus at North Central, The Week 2011. 

Take a moment to offer congratulations to our newly elected leaders!