Reilly and Nicole Serrano in Concert

Date: November 3, 2011 - 10:10am


Minneapolis, MN - North Central University welcomes Reilly and special guest Nicole Serrano in concert Friday 7:30 pm, November 4.

Nicole, an alumna of North Central, has accumulated a wide fan base since arriving in Minneapolis in 2006.  In 2008, she released her debut album, “The Way It Should Be,” produced by John Carter and has successfully sold numerous copies as an independent artist. A few short years later, major and indie record companies caught wave of the buzz and immediately took interest in her voice and songs. In 2010, “What I Really Wanna Say,” written with Jonathan Lee, lit up on YouTube. Fans and listeners shared it with friends all over the web and seemingly overnight, it reached throughout the U.S. and overseas. In the beginning of 2011, McPherson Guitars saw the video and signed on Nicole as one of their endorsed artists.

Based in Philadelphia (PA), Reilly is a much sought-after Christian band known for their unique blend of rock and dueling violins. Their energetic live show and spiritual depth has landed them attention by the music industry and a growing number of loyal fans throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Chris Strayer of Purple Door Festival says "If Reilly's hearts, music and lyrics are not enough the dueling violins will blow you out of your seat! This is my new favorite live band."

The band released their third independent album, Around the World, in June 2010, and has two other albums, Let June Decide (2007) and While I Was on Earth (2005). The heart of Reilly is to love God and serve others through music and lyrics that illuminate His promises. With their newest album, $1 from each copy sold goes to ministries around the world that help the poor or share the gospel. Learn more at One Love to Give Us Life.

The concert will be opened by alumna Nicole Serrano with Reilly to follow.  The ticket cost at the door is $7 for non-NCU students. NCU students are free via badge, and Fall Preview Days participants may attend free of charge.

Concert starts at 7:30 pm with doors opening at 7 pm in the Sanctuary.