NCU Announces Program Revisions for Fall 2011 Semester

Date: February 1, 2011 - 8:09am

Minneapolis, MN - After approval by the Administration and Board of Regents, and months of work on the parts of faculty, the Academic Affairs office and the Registrar's office, North Central University is excited to announce a strategic change in its academic program requirements.  Beginning in the Fall 2011 Semester, nearly all four-year degree programs will require 124 credit hours for graduation.  

This change will be a reduction in total credit requirements for most programs, which previously ranged from 124 to 144 credits required for graduation.  The Registrar's office has provided outlines of many of the new program requirements, with the remaining program outlines to be available before the weekend.

The announcement of this change to the current student body was made in Chapel today by Dr. Thomas Burkman (Vice President, Academic Affairs) and Jeremy Sanders (Registrar), and is available online.  Further resources for current NCU students are also available online.

“We are happy to announce that starting in the Fall semester, 2011 the academic programs at North Central University will be 124 credits rather than the 132 total,” said Dr. Thomas Burkman, vice president of Academic Affairs. “The rationale for such a reduction pointed to being market competitive with other quality institutions and to provide students an opportunity to graduate in four years. The Academic Affairs Committee, composed of 16 academic and student leaders, was able to succeed in meeting the challenge of reducing the total credits per program while maintaining the commitment to a broad-based, holistic Bible education, as well as, maintaining the integrity and quality of the major-specific programs."

These revised programs will take effect for all new students enrolling for fall 2011, and currently enrolled students will have the option to complete their major program's current requirements, or choose to adopt the revised program.

Some programs that include certification by outside organizations, and as such carry more specific requirements, may still require more than 124 credits for graduation for that reason, though the total number of required credits for these programs have still been reduced.

Resources for Current Students