Program Changes for Carlstrom

Date: February 18, 2011 - 11:39am
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Update- (April 18, 2011) North Central University is pleased to announce that a generous benefactor has partnered with NCU to provide the resources needed to continue the Carlstrom Deaf Studies program. Read more

North Central University’s administration has accepted the recommendation of the Academic Affairs office to eliminate Deaf Culture Studies from the University’s program offerings. The decision – made after careful and prayerful consideration – was initiated as part of the same institutional audit that led to the unification of North Central’s degree programs to require 124 credits for graduation. The change became necessary due to an ongoing trend of decreased enrollment, which caused the program to cease to be financially viable.

Students, whether hearing or deaf, will no longer be accepted for enrollment in the Deaf Culture Studies major, however the ASL-Interpreting program will not be affected, and will continue to be available, and will carry on the name Carlstrom, in honor of Paul and Kathern Carlstrom.

The handful of students currently enrolled in the program will be advised on an individual basis, and those with 65 or more credits toward graduation will be able to complete their program and earn their degree at North Central. The full time faculty for the program will have the opportunity to continue to teach at NCU in the Carlstrom ASL-Interpreting program following the program’s official end at the conclusion of the Spring 2012 semester.

Further information will be available by contacting the Academic Affairs Office or the Registrar.