Program Changes for Carlstrom

Date: August 24, 2011 - 8:22am
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Minneapolis, MN- On April 28th, 2011, North Central University announced that a generous benefactor had come forward and agreed to partner with the university by providing the resources needed to continue the Deaf Studies program. Regretfully, the donor has recently notified North Central that they have chosen to withdraw their commitment to the university.

Unfortunately, without this large financial commitment, North Central will need to reinstate its original plan to phase out the Deaf Studies program, announced previously on February 18, 2011. This difficult decision was made after careful and prayerful consideration and became necessary due to an ongoing trend of decreased enrollment, which caused the program to no longer be financially viable.

Students will no longer be accepted for enrollment in the Deaf Culture Ministries, Deaf Culture Pastoral Studies, Deaf Interdisciplinary Studies, and Deaf Pastoral Studies majors; however the American Sign Language (ASL)-Interpreting program will not be affected, and will continue to be available, carrying on the name Carlstrom, in honor of Paul and Kathern Carlstrom. The new name is the Carlstrom, ASL Interpreting Program.

North Central University is passionately committed to the Deaf community and is looking forward to the various ministry opportunities within the ASL Program.