NCU Students and Faculty attend Symposium

Date: April 19, 2012 - 11:36am

Minneapolis, MN – North Central students, faculty, and guests attended the 6th Annual Crown Scholars’ Symposium at Crown College in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota on Saturday April 14, 2012.

Students had an opportunity to submit work from any class or genre for presentation. A practice session, sponsored by Sigma Tau Delta, was held in advance in the English Department’s InkWell. 

This was an important opportunity for students from various colleges to share the work they’ve done and to hear about the work in which other students have been involved.   Students were encouraged that their research and writing is meant for more than just “getting the grade”, and was shared with a broader academic audience.  Students also gained valuable presentation experience that will benefit them after college as they go on to jobs and graduate schools.

Student speakers included:

  • Corrie Austin: “A Short Fairy Tale Collection”
  • Zach Claussen: “Lewis and Freud”
  • Erica Fulghum: “Imprisoned: The Story of Addiction”
  • Lisa Hawthorne: “The Impact of Lewis and Tolkien on Adolescent Literature”
  • Jamie Nicole Hollins: “A Commitment to Change”
  • Deborah Hopkins: “Pain and Grief in the Shadowlands”
  • Renee Jensen: “Themes of Good and Evil in Lewis’ Works”
  • Anthony Johns: “William Tyndale’s Translation of the Bible”
  • Taylor Lewin: “Loving Unloving”
  • Lucas Menzies: “The Modern Perversion of the Natural Loves”
  • Victoria Pyron: “Objection to Subjectivity”
  • Meghan Smith: “The Woman With the Purple Cane – A Short Story”
  • Ashley Spegal: “Minnesotans Feel the Effects of Iran’s Threats”
  • Gyles Uhlenhopp: “Nerds Guide to Popularity”
  • Jaco Von Arx: “What’s Happening to Commercial Radio”

North Central faculty in attendance included Dr. Leslie Crabtree, Professor Bill Tibbetts, and Professor Desirée Libengood.

Dr. Carolyn Tennant delivered the Symposium keynote address. Besides serving as a professor and vice president at NCU for nearly thirty years, she has maintained an active speaking schedule across the United States and overseas.  She is author of Front Line: A Daily Devotional Guide for Christian Leaders and co-author of A Faithful Past, A shining Future.