North Central Chapel Worship Experience Live Recording

Date: January 23, 2013 - 3:44pm
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North Central University is excited to announce that we will be producing a live recording of our chapel worship experience February 6-8, 2013!  North Central’s best and brightest from the College of Fine Arts will be bringing our spirit-filled NCU Chapel experience to life as a live recording. The production of the recording will be under the guidance of College of Fine Arts Dean, Larry Bach and NCU Faculty Member/Worship Artist, Jeff Deyo.  


"The daily Chapel worship here on the North Central campus is a unique experience that we are privileged to take part in everyday. We want to capture that amazing experience - that personal connection to God through praise and worship and presence of the Holy Spirit - and share it with the world," says Deyo.


"Many visitors and guest speakers to NCU's campus will attend our Chapel worship service and remark later about what an amazing experience it was," says Bach. "These are people who travel and speak at schools all over the country and they are telling us that we have something very unique and special here - that they could feel the unmistakable presence of God in our Chapel worship."


It's been several years since North Central has recorded and produced a live worship album Bach says, but the time is right and he is very proud to showcase the talent at NCU.  "We have an amazingly talented group of students right now and we are excited to see what they can do on this recording. We can't wait to share it with everyone."


The North Central University Concert Chorale, groups One Accord, Worship Live and many others will join together to record an amazing live worship experience of original songs over a 3 day period to produce this new live recording. Bach plans for the final CD to be available in early Spring 2013.


We invite you to come be part of history in the making! Mark your calendar and plan to join us February 6-8 for an amazing worship experience - stay tuned for more details…