NCU Business Students in Uganda

Date: July 10, 2013 - 1:01pm
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With butcher paper tacked to a mud wall for a whiteboard and 40 eager faces looking at the speaker in anticipation, a year of prayer, planning and partnership came together.   The North Central University School of Business, in partnership with Student Life CoMission, created a unique opportunity for students to use skills learned in the classroom and apply them by developing business-training modules for those most in need in Uganda.  

Seven North Central students led all day business seminars for more than 120 nationals in townships and remote villages.  Students researched and developed modules on topics such as financing, market differentiation, financial management, and other necessary topics for small business success.  Using their research along with their firsthand cultural study of Ugandans insured a successful learning experience for both the students and nationals.

“We were excited and nervous just prior to our first conference,” said Janessa Cruz, senior in Business Administration,  “but once we started, you could sense the presence of God.  What we were sharing could change the lives of every person that attended.”

Attendees ranged from current business owners to villagers living on only a few dollars a month. “I met a young woman who was transforming peanuts into a product similar to what we would consider peanut butter.  She sent an email after the conference saying that she applied our lesson on customer service and her sales have dramatically increased,” said Jamie Bakken, a junior in Education.

The NCU team came along side Mission Moving Mountains, a 30-year Ugandan organization that practices a holistic approach to ministry (spirit, mind, body).  Using business modules to partner with them was an additional link in a long chain of development that has occurred over many years.  

“This trip was successful on many levels,” said Bill Tibbetts, NCU Assistant Professor of Business. “The application of their education is a powerful experience for students and will play a significant role in their careers after graduation.  More so, the spiritual development that occurred will last a lifetime.”

A long term commitment has been developed with Mission Moving Mountains for future trips and ongoing business development in Uganda.

General Facts
Trip Length: 15 days
Cost per Student: $2,700
Faculty: Bill Tibbetts and Greg Leeper
Majors of Students: Business Administration, Education, ICS and Urban Studies