NCU: Reggie Dabbs speaks at campus youth rally

Date: January 31, 2014 - 3:20pm


World renowned speaker Reggie Dabbs urged middle and high school students attending the Youth Rally at NCU on Jan. 28 to “Get in the Game.” Punctuating masterful storytelling with equally masterful interludes on his saxophone, Dabbs spoke biblical truth as he encouraged his audience of youth, parents, and NCU students to be game changers in the lives of their family and friends. 

Dabbs is known for his world-class communication skills and his remarkable saxophone talent. A typical day of ministry finds him touring from school to school delivering messages of hope, then headlining an evening youth rally where he talks about the love of Jesus. Dabbs spent the past year traveling internationally, pouring his heart into young people around the globe. “You can never change your past,” he often observes, “but you can always change your future.” 

NCU’s own “One Accord” kicked off the evening with worship and a little rapping led by Luke Hundeby and Dylan Mckneely. Students seemed to sense the presence of God, worshiping and praising Jesus with all their might. Then came a spoken word from North Central sophomore Tara Jefferson, followed by Dabbs’ teaching.

During the closing altar time, students were on their faces seeking after what God wanted them to receive that evening. The NCU community is always blessed when Reggie Dabbs comes by to pour into the youth of Minnesota. We look forward to his next visit soon!