Chapel Notes: February 12, 2014

Date: February 18, 2014 - 3:55pm

In his 40th and final year of presidency at Evangel University, Dr. Robert Spence spoke at North Central on Wednesday.

Spence holds the record, along with seven others in the history of the United States, as longest serving college president.

There was no doubt Spence has experience teaching from Scripture, but what was unusual was this gentleman’s heart for young people. He did not belittle us as college students; instead he encouraged us, and lifted us up as young students.
He had profound guidelines to aid us in something we do every day, make decisions.

Spence taught out of Genesis 13. He started by reading the entire chapter slowly, so we could catch each word in the story of Abram and Lot. Spence emphasized Lot’s choice to go away from Abram, toward the whole plain of Jordan, which inevitably affected the rest of the decisions he made in the following years.
Spence reminded us that this story is an example for us, and he simply taught the bible story in a way that we could relate.
Spence gave us a glimpse into his decision making process, and how he has learned to ask himself four questions as he makes choices.

1. What will my next choice have to be?
2. How will it affect me spiritually?
3. How will it impact the people closest to me?
4. How will it affect my eternal outcome and destiny?

Chapel concluded with Spence describing what it may look like if we were to see the face of a man, making a decision that could not only change his destiny, but the destiny of generations to come.
As we continue on this day, may the communion of the Holy Spirit bind us together, guiding our choices.

- Alyssa Wallace