Chapel Notes: February 6, 2014

Date: February 10, 2014 - 1:51pm

“Let all the Earth rejoice, let all the Earth rejoice.”

The phrase permeated the sanctuary with a refreshing sense of reverence in chapel this morning. Soulful praise brought humility as we sang, “How Great is Our God” as a unified body. 

We are amid the second day of World Gate 2014, and God’s heartbeat for the nations is clear at North Central University. 

Dr. Greg Mundis, executive director of Assemblies of God World Missions, revealed the incredible power of our God this morning as he took us on a journey alongside three individuals, telling their awe-inspiring stories.   

My heart hung on each word, as though I was walking beside Jesus, as he divinely loved his children. There was silence across the entire sanctuary as Dr. Mundis honored his friend from Austria that encountered Jesus while he was high on acid in the middle of a séance in the woods, saved by his girlfriend reading John 14:6 to him “I am the way, the truth and the life.” 

Another story of his friend in Sri Lanka, a Buddhist monk, stumbling upon a track that created curiosity and eventually lead him to Jesus, but caused a brutal death in front of his wife and child. God did not stop his ministry there, but instead he made a covenant with this man’s wife to continue the ministry. He not only showed his protection to her, he used her neighbors as witness to his light that visibly illuminated her house at night, in a place completely lacking any type of electricity.

"The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it." - John 1:5 

The final story honored a man called out of the Coptic Church in Egypt, and into ministry in “Garbage City” where he healed a young boy that was crushed by one of his trucks. That young boy serves alongside this pastor leading the largest church in the Middle East.  

These stories were told to inspire action across North Central. To bring us to a place of reverence before our Mighty Lord, understanding who we are because of who He is. Our God is pouring His spirit out, and He is empowering us to give up our plans and receive His.

- Alyssa Wallace