Mosaic: NCU Multicultural Student Association

Date: February 4, 2014 - 4:31pm

 “God has invested as much of Himself in one culture as another,” says Se Young Kipp, the director of Mosaic, North Central’s Multicultural Student Association. The new organization, launched from within the Student Development office, has released its mission statement, which voices the fledgling organization’s passion for “biblical integration by way of educational heritage celebrations and relevant discussions about cultural diversity among our community,” speaking to the membership’s deep-seated belief in a biblical understanding of cultural diversity.

Mosaic’s passion is founded on the basis of Revelation 5:9 and Acts 17:26. Revelation 5:9 reveals that Christ’s blood has purchased for God people “from every tribe and language and nation” (NIV). Acts 17:26 states, “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth” (NIV), which reflects the idea that God is not ethnocentric; He is kingdom-centric, taking all peoples, tribes, languages, and nations unto Himself through Christ.

Thus, by the phrase “biblical integration,” in Mosaic’s mission statement, the organization hopes to point, not to cultural diversity founded on political correctness, but to cultural diversity founded on the basis of a biblical worldview, understanding that people from every ethnicity contribute to the building and forming of the Body of Christ.

Although many Christians would agree to this statement, many are also unaware of potential underlying cultural assumptions that would cause them to stray away from multicultural interactions. Because of this, if the members of the Body continue segregating from each other due to misunderstanding and fear, the Kingdom of God will be hindered from realizing the beauty and fullness that comes with full, cultural integration and understanding.

To help facilitate close proximity and integration among people of different cultures, Mosaic focuses on hosting educational heritage celebrations, which have included such events as the Hmong New Year, a Hispanic Heritage Celebration, and a discussion from the Diversity Committee. More than 100 North Central students have attended these events so far, and the leaders of Mosaic hope that eventually these events will provide a safe meeting ground for people of all cultures to come, celebrate, ask questions, and learn about the many facets of God’s character as demonstrated through differing cultures.