Chapel Notes: March 21, 2014

Date: March 21, 2014 - 7:04am


Render is North Central’s student led chapel that aims to reach, teach, and empower the North Central community. In Render on Tuesday, senior biblical and theology studies major Julian Flores, talked about Jesus. 

Some might think it obvious for Flores to talk about Jesus, but this sermon was creatively challenging in that it made me want to drop everything and meet Jesus again, or for the first time rather. 

Flores titled his sermon “Recognizing Jesus” with Mark chapter eight as his primary scriptural text, highlighting Jesus’ asking Peter “Who do you say I am?”

Contrary to the many thoughts of going to Scripture, looking for a pick-me-up, or a “pep talk,” as Flores put it, Scripture is a thrilling story where we can recognize Jesus.

“The Bible is an adventure story about a hero rescuing the one he loves,” said Flores, “Every story whispers his name.” It is a sacred meeting place where we are able to go and encounter Jesus, recognizing Him immediately when He calls us by name.  

Flores continued to ask us if we recognize Jesus in The Church. 

“Paul’s driving force is unity,” said Flores accrediting Paul’s letters in the New Testament. Flores had my complete attention as he addressed the disunity in the body of Christ. However, instead of spending time on the problem of it, Flores encouraged us to never dismiss The Church as the body of Christ. He ardently continued describing how Jesus has radically joined himself with us. We are to be a light unto this world, but Jesus calls himself the light of the world too.  Flores commissioned us to recognize Jesus in The Church, because when we do that, we see our brothers and sisters as new creations, no longer seeing them in a worldly light. “Forgive like Jesus forgives,” he ended. 

Recognize Jesus in Scripture and recognize Him in The Church. 

- Alyssa Wallace