CYL Summit 2014

Date: April 11, 2014 - 2:23pm
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The Center for Youth and Leadership hosted its second youth leaders summit March 31st and April 1st. This provided a setting where youth pastors and leaders could come to discuss topics that relate to the youth and culture that surrounds them. The conference has about 30 youth leaders from across the North Central region ranging from people fresh in the ministry up to veterans. 

The Summit had Conversation Starters by one of the attendees and then facilitated roundtable and strategy discussions on such topics as changing the face of youth culture in America, having deep faith in a shallow world, creating impactful experiences in youth ministry, and creating a leadership culture. 

When asked about what the CYL Summit offers for its attendees, Bismarck, ND Youth Pastor Terry Parkman  said, “Networking with high-capacity youth pastors for the purpose of growing in areas you previously didn’t realize needed growth in your life.” The CYL Summit is held annually and is an invite-only conference. North Central University is always looking for ways to be used as a means of growing our community and the areas around us, including ministries. The Center for Youth and Leadership exists to prepare, serve, and connect emerging and existing leaders to make a difference in the lives of youth.