There Is Still Time To Apply!

Date: June 11, 2014 - 10:02am
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“I remember all the emotions and excitement surrounding the NSRD [New Student Registration Day] I attended before coming to NCU as a student,” says Amanda Breister, Admissions Campus Visit Coordinator, “and my favorite part involves getting to see this anticipation in other students. ” 

The New Student Registration Days at North Central are efficiently structured, taking students from meeting their counselors, to getting their student ID cards, to registering for classes and seeing their dorms—all in one swift day.

They not only welcome students, “helping them truly feel a part of the NCU family,” but they also “give incoming students the ‘keys’ to campus before they ‘officially’ come in the fall,” says Breister.

The Registration Days are created in order to bring the varying offices, forms, and registration processes to the student. So, rather than worrying about which forms you still need, or where to locate the offices who handle those forms, just come to New Student Registration Day and let the Admissions Staff bring the whole process to you. 

It couldn’t be easier! 

To see a schedule and reserve your place now, call 800.289.6222 or fill out a reservation form here