New Spaces, New Faces

Date: August 25, 2014 - 10:07am

New Spaces

New and returning students alike will delight in improvements across North Central University that make life on campus better than ever. Check out the remodeled residence hall rooms in both Miller and Carlson – everything is new, including the furniture. Then note the practical updates and renovations to Liechty Hall, preserving its functionality and vintage beauty for decades to come.

And T.J. Jones Library has a new top – workers have completed a full restoration/replacement of the landmark building’s century-old Spanish tile roof. Finally, step into the NCU cafeteria to find brand new carpet underfoot and the latest cooking equipment in the kitchen.

New Faces

Students, staff, and faculty also will want to introduce themselves to new personnel and congratulate veteran staff in new roles:

  • PSEO Coordinator Leslie Bluto, who grew up with deaf parents and was immersed in both hearing and deaf cultures, and therefore is fluent in ASL.
  • Associate Dean for Residence Life and Housing Abigail Davis, who moved to Minnesota from California and looks forward to her first Minnesota winter.
  • Print Media Coordinator and recent NCU grad Andy Fischer, who served the office of Marketing Communications as a student intern and now returns full-time to handle enrollment-based print media production.
  • Director of the Center for Children and Family Ministries and Professor,  Dr. Lon Flippo, whose passion is to inspire parents to pass their faith on to their children.
  • Assistant Professor, School of Education, Jonathan Friesen, who has a heart for helping hurting students.
  • Vice President of Spiritual Life Dr. Doug Graham, who will oversee daily chapel and spiritual life on campus.
  • Assistant Director of the Student Success Center Rachel Gray, who is among the center’s founding members.
  • Graduate Studies Coordinator David Guntlisbergen, who, with his wife Anna, is adopting their second son from Uganda.
  • Assistant Professor of Sports Management Jon High, who will continue his North Central coaching responsibilities even as he performs the duties of a full-time prof.
  • Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Ron Jewett, who enjoys such diverse hobbies as boating, beekeeping, and building flintlock firearms.
  • Registrar Mary Murphy, who wholeheartedly embraces the purpose and vision of educating the next generation of leaders.
  • Edwin Schenk, who capably replaces recently retired Melody Windingland as director of T.J. Jones Library.
  • Interlibrary Loan Coordinator Tyrone Waldon, who loves to learn, loves sports, and “was more than euphoric when Germany won the World Cup!”
  • Dean of Student Advocacy Erin White – she’s got your back.

New Internet Places

The NCU Bookstore is proud to announce a major website redesign featuring a new, modernized look, revised content, improved navigation, and responsive design code technology, rendering the site just as accessible to smart phones and other portable devices as it is to laptops and desktops. “We’re using the internet as an ally rather than a competitor in order to give students options where they can save money,” says bookstore director Doug Ward. “If we can’t bring our prices down to be the lowest on the page, we help our students by showing them other offers in real time.” New at the bookstore this fall: eBook editions of selected titles.

And navigating the internet should be a cinch across campus, thanks to a campus-wide network upgrade including new wiring, nearly 300 total access points, and deployment of the Aruba Airwave and Aruba 7200 series Mobility Controller. “Our students shouldn’t ever have to worry about whether or not the network will function,” says IT Director Mike Cappelli. “It should be just as routine as plugging in a lamp or blow dryer.” Now it is.

Indeed, life is good at North Central University – there’s never been a better time to be part of the NCU community.