Discipleship Leaders

The discipleship program exists to foster discipleship through personal and community growth in order to encourage a deeper understanding of self and God so that the North Central community may be grounded in their faith to live it out within and outside our community.
Organization Leaders:
Name Title Contact
Nicholas DykstraDiscipleship Administrator, Carlson
Kayla KipeDiscipleship Administrator, Miller
Kristin MindemanDiscipleship Administrator, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Brandon BreithauptDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Derek BrunmeierDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Benjamin BungardDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Ricardo CardenasDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Anthony CoxDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Josh GreenDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Nate HirshDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Taylor JarmanDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Jared JensenDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Nick LeedyDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Zach LewisonDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Joe VeltriDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Brandon WadeDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Tyrone WaldonDiscipleship Leader, Carlson
Briana AllisonDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Anna BirdDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Trisha BradyDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Rachel BrownDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Sadie DanzingerDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Kelsie EricksonDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Stacy GlanzerDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Lyda HamDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Jan JensenDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Renee JensenDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Alyssa McKnightDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Hannah OneyDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Rachelle PoppemaDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Lacey SimmonsDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Michelle StevensDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Rebecca StiebsDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Kymberli TufteDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Breanna WallaceDiscipleship Leader, Miller
Katie HullDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Heidi AndersonDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Jamie RichcreekDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Leigha FlagstadDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Rachael BranderDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Karissa ZakDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Megan JergensonDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Hannah JacksonDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Josh SmedsrudDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Tyler JacquotDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Benjamin CruseDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Caleb BroseDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Dan EricksonDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Steven BurtonDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Grace HoggardDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Paisley BennettDiscipleship Leader, Phillipps/Zimmerman