Resident Advisors

Better Individuals. Better Communities. The NCU Residence Life Staff strives to create a comfortable living and learning community. Through the development of this community, individual growth will occur which will encourage students to invest in their future communities. Residents will be challenged to integrate faith and experience with social and personal responsibility to present and future communities.

Organization Leaders:
Name Title Contact
Saied SanjariAssistant Resident Director, Carlson
Ariel EconomyAssistant Resident Director, Miller
Jesus VitalAssistant Resident Director, MOE
Lucas SutterAssistant Resident Director, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Philip FurnishResident Advisor, Carlson
Benjamin BungardResident Advisor, Carlson
Jared JensenResident Advisor, Carlson
Joshua GreenResident Advisor, Carlson
Nicholas LeedyResident Advisor, Carlson
Tyrone WaldonResident Advisor, Carlson
Anthony CoxResident Advisor, Carlson
Lacey SimmonsResident Advisor, Miller
Mary ChristyResident Advisor, Miller
Briana AllisonResident Advisor, Miller
Mia deFilippoResident Advisor, Miller
Bre WallaceResident Advisor, Miller
Michelle TengwallResident Advisor, Miller
Rachelle PoppemaResident Advisor, Miller
Kym TufteResident Advisor, Miller
Jenny ScottResident Advisor, MOE
Matthew LopezResident Advisor, MOE
Jayme DoucetteResident Advisor, MOE
Bethany BostronResident Advisor, MOE
Josh HumpaResident Advisor, MOE
Ricardo CardenasResident Advisor, MOE
Christina GoodmanResident Advisor, MOE
Erika HansonResident Advisor, MOE
Joshua RouserResident Advisor, MOE
Ashley BlumResident Advisor, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Emily CarboneResident Advisor, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Kendra DagenResident Advisor, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Nick GreyResident Advisor, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Dee-Jay KingResident Advisor, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Angela LoCastroResident Advisor, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Taylor MurphyResident Advisor, Phillipps/Zimmerman
Isaac VanProosdyResident Advisor, Phillipps/Zimmerman