Mailing Information


Every North Central student is assigned a box number. This number, along with the students first and last name, is required to be on all pieces of mail and/or packages they receive.

The address format is:

Johnny Smith
NCU 0000
910 Elliot Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404-1391


Johnny Smith
910 Elliot Ave NCU 0000
Minneapolis, MN 55404-1391

CAMS will forward a freshman’s mail to their box for 60 days, after the start of a semester. This means that starting November 1st (Fall Semester) or March 1st (Spring Semester), any mail that does not contain the student’s mailbox number will be returned to the sender.

Students retain the same mailbox for the duration of their time at North Central. If a student decides to leave North Central, their box will be held for them for 1 year. If they are to return after this alloted time, they will be reassigned a new mail box number unless prior arrangements have been made.

If anything is sent to a student that requires a signature, CAMS will sign for it. Here is how our package system works:

  1. Mail & Packages are delivered to North Central throughout the day (USPS, FedEx, UPS, other courriers)
  2. After a package is received, CAMS will enter it into the school’s package system.
  3. Once it is entered, an email will go out to the student’s North Central email address notifying them of their package.
  4. The student needs to come in to the CAMS office and present their ID card and the Package ID number from the email. They will then sign for the package in the school’s system.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our system, please feel free to contact us by: