The Ram Plan


North Central's Ram Plan allows students to spread out their cost of attending into monthly payments throughout the semester. North Central would like to encourage all students to participate in the Ram plan for paying even small payments now means a lower debt load at graduation.

Fall 2015 Ram Plan Information

The Ram Plan allows students to pay their remaining balance with an interest free monthly plan. Fall semester plans have up to seven months in payments, and spring semester plans have up to five payments.  Students sign up through their online UNet account at Students and families need to sign up every semester for the Ram plan, you are not automatically enrolled. There is a one-time, $40.00 enrollment fee for the payment plan. (Unless you sign up during the month of June when we waive the fee!)

Students and families can begin enrolling in the Ram Plan as early as June 8th. The enrollment fee is waived for all plans signed up in June. Save $40.00 and sign up right away! All plans need to be enrolled by the payment deadline on August 18, 2015. The first payment is due on the date you sign-up.

Fall payments are automatically deducted on the 5th of every month through December 5th and are divided into monthly payments. Please see below for the best times to enroll for the payment agreement that fits you.

Payment Schedule

The Fall Semester

Fall payments are during the months of June - December

Seven Monthly Payments- Sign up before the 14th of June

Six Monthly Payments- Sign up before the 14th of July

Five Monthly Payments- Sign up before the 14th of August

The Spring Semester

Spring payments are during the months of January - May

Five Monthly Payments - Sign up before the 14th of January

Four Monthly Payments - Sign up after the 14th of January

Terms and Conditions

  • An automatic monthly payment from a credit card or checking account is required
  • Enrollment fee: $40.00 fee due when you sign up
  • Enroll in the Ram plan through your NCU UNet account
  • First payment is required when you enroll
  • Payments are automatically deducted on the 5th of every month
  • Late fees will apply for agreements not enrolled in by the payment deadline

How to Enroll in the Ram Plan

  • Visit the website:
  • In the center column click on the tab titled "Account Payments and Statements (NCU CASHNet)"
  • Sign in using your username and password
  • Click on the tab "Go to CASHNet"
  • Click on the tab "Enroll in the FALL 2015 Payment Plan"
  • Put the total amount of money you would like the Ram Plan to divide into payments
  • View and agree to the user agreement policy
  • Enter in the financial information to make the initial Ram Plan payment
  • Enter in the financial information for Automatic Payment withdrawal to come out on the 5th of every month
  • Submit all information and then your application will be submitted

Quick Facts

  • The total amount of the Ram Plan is not linked to the remaining balance on your account. If your account balance changes and your Ram Plan becomes more than the remaining balance, the Ram Plan will not automatically change. 
  • If at any point you would like to raise or lower your Ram Plan, feel free to contact the Student Account's office.
  • Ram Plans will only be lowered if the remaining balance on the account is lower than the pending amount of the Ram Plan. 
  • Ram Plans can be raised, but will be done at the discretion of the Student Account's office. 
  • The Student Account's office retains the right to refuse either an increase or reduction in a student's Ram Plan. 

For additional questions regarding this payment option please contact the Student Accounts Office at 612.343.4401 or