Equipment Upgrades

We all love getting new gear! It’s like Christmas morning when you cut the packing tape and dig through the Styrofoam peanuts to find your treasure. Even if you purchase used and the piece is only new to you, having a new tool in your belt is exciting. Organizations are always looking forward and dreaming of expanding their facilities, but since the expansion usually happens so infrequently, mistakes occur that can sometimes be costly. No one wants to do a big upgrade and immediately start planning about what they would change next time.

Subtle but Significant

Much of engineering is making a series of small decisions which when combined improve the project in an obvious way. Things such as high-passing non-bass instruments, de-essing vocals, or removing problem frequencies with subtractive EQ are things that are not always obvious when bypassing one part of the process, but when combined across your entire mix, they transform the final product.


Establishing Volume Standards for Worship Services

The church has been experiencing a change in the way music is used in worship services. It is undeniable that the lines between a performance based concert and a congregational worship service seem to be blurring. The advances of digital technology and our societal drive for media driven communication have had some unforeseen consequences. With an open ear and consideration to the whole body, a middle ground can be found and worship music should not be the thing to divide a congregation. While every organization is different, there are guidelines for hearing safety that are universal.