Fine Arts Music & Theatre Audition Days

Who should come to a Fine Arts Scholarship Audition Day?

High School Seniors or College Transfer students who are intersted in finding out more about Music, Worship Arts, and Theatre at North Central.  Students will also be given the chance to audition for a Fine Arts Scholarship (up to $3,000/year).

These are THE ONLY days to audition for a Fine Arts Scholarship.

Find more information about the Fine Arts Department at, and fill out the short form below to sign up! 

Fall NCU Days: November 13, 2014                      Fine Arts Preview Days: Feb. 20-21, 2015

8:00     Check In                                                         8:00     Check In

8:30     Opening Session                                             8:30     Opening Session

8:50     Campus Tour                                                  8:45    Campus Tour

9:55     Parents: Financial Aid Session                         10:00   Faculty Question/Answer Session

            Students: Fine Arts Seminar                     

11:00   Chapel Service                                                11:00    Chapel Service

12:00   Lunch with Fine Arts Faculty                           12:00    Lunch with Fine Arts Faculty

12:40   Fine Arts Showcase                                        1:30      Music & Theatre Auditions Begin 

1:30     Music & Theatre Auditions Begin                    1:00      Paying for College Session     

            Students: Student Panel                                   2:00      Parents: Parent Panel; Students: Student Panel 

            Parents: Parent Panel                                       2:50     Closing Session

2:15     Closing Session                                               3:00      Admissions Appointments

2:45     Optional Admissions Appointments                  5:00       Dinner in the Cafeteria

                                                                                   7:00       Evening Showcase

                                                                               9-12am  Saturday Check-in

                                                                                                  (for those NOT attending Friday)

                                                                               10:00      Music & Theatre Auditions Begin

                                                                               1:30       Music & Theatre Auditions Resume

Fine Arts Audition Day Reservation Form

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