Personal Visit (September 1-May 1)

Visiting during the school year is the best time to see Chapel, classes, and student life on campus.  You can schedule either a morning visit (approximately 9:00am-1pm) or an afternoon visit (approximately 11am-2:45pm).  An admissions appointment as well as the chapel experience is a part of every visit along with other optional activities. The time of your personal visit will vary depending on the options you choose. If you have a specific time you need to arrive or leave, please let us know so we can plan around it.  

Schedule your visit online by filling out the form below, or give our Campus Visit Coordinator a call at 612.343.4461 (toll free at 800.289.6222).  

Personal Visit Options:

Included in every visit:

  • Admissions Appointment:  Meet with an Admissions Counselor for a personalized Q & A session with you and your family    
  • Chapel Experience: Worship with current students and faculty during a chapel service (11am)

Optional visit activities:

  • Campus Tour:  1 hour walking tour of the campus
  • Preview the Cafeteria: Have lunch in the NCU cafeteria - FREE! (12pm)
  • Observe a Class: Sit in on a class with one of our outstanding professors  (class options vary)
  • Faculty Appointment: Meet with a professor in your field of study
  • Meet with a Coach: You pick the sport!
  • Music or Theatre Audition: Seniors or Transfers only (auditions reserved online) 
  • Overnight Stay in the Residence Halls (only for high school students)

Parents can relax at nearby hotels located on the hotels page.  Many hotels have discounts for NCU visitors, so check it out.  We are unable to offer on-campus housing for parents or family members.

Schedule a visit now!

Note: If you require a ride from the MSP Airport to North Central, we recommend the Metro Transit Light Rail ( which has a station on the lower floor of both airport terminals.  The station nearest to campus is the East Minneapolis/Metrodome stop. Please contact the Admissions Office for further arrangements @ 1.800.289.6222.  We are unable to offer transportation at this time.