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Institute for Digital Humanity

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What is The Institute for Digital Humanity?

The IDH is a student-run, human-focused think tank that advocates for civil rights when technology gets out of control. Put simply, we fight to ensure our neighbors of both today and tomorrow live in a free and equitable post-digital world.

Since 2019, the IDH has been working to create diverse and bi-partisan coalitions around digital ethics issues. Our partners have included Indiana University, the ADL, The ACLU, Little Earth Residents Association, Restore the Fourth, and more.

With all of this diverse support, we tackle specific topics such as

  • Unconstitutional violations of privacy
  • Discrimination and inaccuracy of faulty algorithms
  • Dangerous isolation of informational and political “filter bubbles”
  • Incivility of online hate speech
  • Undemocratic stifling of free speech

We believe a bi-partisan approach is the most effective means of combating an issue that affects us all. With so much division in our world, why not stand together? Why not set aside our differences and enact real change?



Learn more about the IDH in the video below!