B.S. Biology

A man in lab equipment inspects a model of a brain, models of a heart and a skull also sit on a table in front of him

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Get real world experience while studying for a Biology degree

Why study Biology at North Central University?

North Central University’s Biology degree will provide you with the opportunity to learn and practice technical skills aligned with informational and mathematic literacy, while acquiring a strong foundation in Biology. Courses will include relevant, collaborative and group learning in various settings that include lectures, laboratory and field experiences.

A woman in lab equipment inspects a model of a heart

Classroom Experience That Matters

Because we do what we do with active learning, our graduates are getting a ton more experience early on, which leads to greater internship opportunities and then, ultimately, greater career choices. Due to our size, EVERY student is seen (not lost in a crowd) and provided the chance to make these awesome connections.

EVERY professor comes to the classroom prepared resulting in an exceptional experience. In addition to having wildly successful careers prior to teaching, all still engage in the science community. This ensures that the students will be taught up to date practices and use current technolog

Program Highlights

Personal Learning

16:1 Student to Faculty ratio in our Biology and Chemistry Labs


Student opportunities to be Science Lab Assistants and teaching assistants.

New Facilities

New laboratory spaces in our new building breaking ground Spring 2022.

The Real World

When you graduate, we want you to be prepared with the knowledge you need to excel in your career. Additionally, we also want you to have a fortified faith and desire to spread the love of Christ. The program will build a foundation that will equip you for graduate or professional school.

By attending North Central University you have unique opportunities to intern at leading local companies. When you graduate from NCU you’ll feel prepared to tackle the real-world with the quality internships you’ve completed.

You’ll be supported, mentored, and coached by your advising professor throughout your internship and have opportunities to reflect on the process. When you finish your internship you’ll have an impressive portfolio, experience to add to your resume, and a network of professionals in the industry who can recommend you—or hire you!

Selma smiles for the camera

The biology department is full of hard working students and caring staff. When I walk into a classroom or one of my professors offices I know that I’m being taken care of and my future is in good hands.

Selma, ’24


North Central prepares a student with real-world teaching opportunities.

You will evaluate the social and ethical impacts of biological research from a variety of lenses. In examining these impacts, you can apply best practices in the real world.

In our program, we see Christ as the unifying, magnetic center that holds all education together. You will explore scientific inquiry and methodologies with a biblical foundation.

Industry Experts in our Classrooms

leah cook headshot Leah J. Cook

Director of School of Science and Math, Assistant Professor

NCU faculty member Richard Nho Richard Nho

 Associate Professor