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Experience working in the business world while studying for an Entrepreneurship degree

Why study Entrepreneurship at North Central University?

Students in the Entrepreneurship program are a breed of their own and want to take control of their future. Experiential learning is foundational to the entrepreneurship program. Students have the opportunity to launch two businesses during their studies. In partnership with the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, students are able to work with real clients on a variety of needs. Via two incubators, students both lay the foundation and launch their business before they graduate.

Experiential Learning That Matters.

North Central’s entrepreneurship degree is an innovative, action-based learning experience where students pursue their dreams and take their education outside of the classroom. You’ll develop your business ideas, spend time in a business incubator in downtown Minneapolis, form a one-on-one mentor relationship with an experienced entrepreneur, and pitch your idea to venture capitalists to get start-up capital. You’ll also have a chance to travel overseas and share your education.

Program Highlights

Experiential Learning

Entrepreneurship classes provide beneficial learning chances such as investing simulations. Students will also make real-world investments with real-world implications. Wrestling with how the variable of real risk affects investing decisions results in a more solid Finance graduate.


Real-World Projects

Students spend the semester prior to travel researching and developing modules on topics including financing, market differentiation, financial management, leadership, and other necessary topics for small business success.


Degree Plus(+)

One of the primary needs conveyed by our professional partners is project management skills—the ability to execute a project effectively and efficiently. All business majors take a project management course and have the option of completing a proficiency exam to earn your Project Management Certification from the world-class Project Management Institute. Our school is the only institution in the Twin Cities that is currently offering this.


Return on Your Investment

College of Business and Technology students receive career mentoring 100% of the time (compared to only 65% of US college graduates according to a Gallup 2019 poll). Career Services prepares students for a career after graduation.  North Central University students are highly sought after by a variety of well-known companies. 

Class of 2021



Students employed within 6 months of graduation 2020 and 2021 (with the exception of students pursuing continued education, entrepreneurship, or missions)



Completed an internship in their chosen field (our students have resumes that reflect someone that has been in their career field for 3+ years at graduation)


$50k- $57k

Average graduate salary within 6 months

The biggest and best of employers are going after NCU graduates! Here are some notable names from the past few years:

Blake smiles for the camera

NCU gave me a community of proven entrepreneurs and business people who now have become my advisory team for every entrepreneurial endeavor I take.

Blake, ’23


A man with a microphone speaks to an audience in a classroom

Do Something Initiative

The Do Something Initiative, created by COBAT for the purpose of students going above and beyond learning about their major and disciple, is a four-year track.

Within this initiative, students not only partner with a mentor but select different opportunities within their specific track to further their goals. These opportunities come in an array of options from attending conferences, and networking events, to completing informational interviews as well as student athletics.

When students have completed the Do Something Initiative, they are not only more aware of their career opportunities, but of various industries and sectors within their targeted paths around the world.

A man and woman working a merchandise table work together on a laptop

Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

North Central University is a university that prioritizes experiential learning for its students. The College of Business and Technology showcases that through the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The IIE is a community in which creativity, hard work, as well as experience collide to form not only a unique college experience but professional opportunities in the workplace. 

One leg of the IIE supports budding entrepreneurs, helping to launch their own personal business dreams. Students are coached and mentored on a one-on-one basis as they dream, conceive, fund, and promote their own company. Where most business colleges might support the launch of only one or two businesses in a year, the IIE has been a part of the creation, collaboration, and culmination of dozens of new businesses. 

The other leg of the institute is the agency. The agency is a place where companies can turn to resources. These resources, completely student-run, range from bookkeeping to marketing, as well as operations, to name a few. Our students get to work with real clients on real issues and get paid for their incredible work.

Industry Experts in our Classrooms

Colin Miller headshot Colin Miller

Director of School of Technology, Assistant Professor

Faculty member Bill Tibbetts. William Tibbetts

Dean of Digital Education & Dean of College of Business and Technology

Faculty member Brian Stewart Brian Stewart

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Faculty Shawn Sauve Shawn Sauve

Director of College of Business and Technology

Mark Skeba headshot Mark Skeba

Professor of Business and Marketing

Steve Tebbs headshot Steve Tebbs

Sports Management Professor