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Global Studies at a glance

North Central’s Interdisciplinary Studies program allows you to customize your major by combining 2 complementary fields of study. This specialization will help you follow your calling and pursue your passions in a specific field, while preparing you with an education tailored to your career goals. When you graduate, you’ll have a well-rounded liberal arts education, a unique set of skills and knowledge that will appeal to employers, and the specialized training and experience to succeed in your career.

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What sets us apart

A student raises his hand in a general studies course.
Flexibility and options

Customize your education to meet your specific interests and goals.

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Create your own program, follow your calling

North Central students are unique because they often have a strong sense of calling, specific career and life goals, and the passion, intelligence, and commitment to achieve those goals. We created the Global Studies program so you can customize your major to meet your educational and career goals, and pursue your calling.

This means different things for different people. Some students choose to combine their passion for ministry with programs that can help them reach new groups, for example combining Pastoral or Intercultural Studies with Deaf Culture Studies or Communications. Others combine an Education program with a specific field, preparing to teach in various settings.

There are many possibilities for creating your major, and the Global Studies program gives you the flexibility to explore your interests, pursue your goals, and follow your calling.

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32 Fields, 11 Academic Departments

The College of Arts & Science offers 32 fields of study in 11 academic areas.

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A truly Global education

North Central’s College of Arts & Sciences offers 32 fields of study in 11 academic departments. By pursuing a Global Studies degree, you’ll have opportunities to learn from and interact with professors and students from multiple departments, give you a truly broad and interdisciplinary liberal arts education.

By working with people from different fields, you’ll graduate with a broad worldview, critical thinking skills, and a diverse set of skills, knowledge, and experience. This is exactly what employers are looking for in the modern marketplace, where things are constantly changing and adaptability is a requirement.

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Internship Opportunities in Minneapolis

Our unique urban location gives students opportunities for establishing a career.

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Get real-world experience and hands-on training

When you’re preparing for a specific career and calling, an internship is often an invaluable experience. Because of North Central’s location in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, our students have unique opportunities to intern at local organizations, agencies, and businesses. Internships present new challenges and learning experiences as you prepare for your career after graduation and get one step closer to living out your calling.

You’ll be supported, mentored, and coached by your advising professor throughout your internship and have opportunities to reflect on the process. This will give you insights into your passions and God-given talents, and help you pursue a fulfilling career path. Plus, when you finish your internship you’ll have an impressive portfolio, experience to add to your resume, and a network of professionals in the industry who can recommend you—or hire you!

  • Field 1 Focus

    To create your Global Studies major, you’ll select your first field from these options. You’ll complete 30-32 credits in this field.

    • American Sign Language and Interpreting Studies
    • Business
    • Church Leadership
    • Communications Arts
    • Fine Arts
    • Social Sciences

    Specific course requirements in each field must be approved by the respective department chair.

  • Field 2 Focus

    To create your Global Studies major, you’ll select your second field from these options. You’ll complete 24 credits in this field.

    • ASL & Deaf Culture Studies
    • Business
    • Church Leadership
    • Communications Arts
    • Fine Arts
    • Social Sciences

    Specific course requirements in each field must be approved by the respective department chair.


All students must complete the General Education Core and Christian Studies Core. General electives may be added or an optional minor may be selected. You need 124 total credit hours to complete the Interdisciplinary Studies degree.

Meet one of your professors

Faculty Member Jonathan Heidi.

Kingsriter Center #20

Jonathon Heide

Assistant Professor, Communication Arts: Journalism

After working in both the technical communications industry and the journalism field, I’m excited to teach students in writing and digital media skills. In a world reliant on well-designed, quick, and accurate communication, it’s hard to find another field with more relevance. My desire is to see students hone their journalistic craft to serve others with the power of the story.

What are your areas of expertise?

My graduate work in the technical communication field involved researching effective methods of environment risk communication. I’m a member of both the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications and the International Society of Arboriculture. In the past, I’ve been an assistant editor at a national publication, worked as a technical writer for web development, and published works as a freelance writer in places such as Christianity Today, Ministries Today, Charisma, Relevant, Duluth News-Tribune, and Mankato Free Press, among others.

What do you love about teaching at North Central?

Our campus fosters the unification of faith and learning in all fields. I love being at the intersection of storytelling and faith. I’m also thrilled to be teaching in Elliot Park, a downtown neighborhood unique for its cultural diversity and strong community organization. I enjoy encouraging students to find and report great stories within our neighborhood.

What are your favorite classes to teach?

Introduction to Digital Media Production, Layout and Design, Feature Writing, Technical Writing