Biology dissection by woman wearing safety glasses and gloves


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Biology at a glance

North Central University’s Biology program will provide you with the opportunity to learn and practice technical skills aligned with informational and mathematic literacy, while acquiring a strong theoretical foundation. Courses will include relevant, collaborative and group learning in various settings that include lectures, laboratory and field experiences. The program will also build a foundation that will equip you for graduate or professional school.

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You could have an exciting career as a:

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What sets us apart

Two students working together to examine a plastic skull and plastic heart diagram.
Science through a lens of faith

Explore scientific inquiry and methodologies on a biblical foundation.

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In our program, we see Christ as the unifying, magnetic center that holds all education together. When you graduate, we want you to be prepared with the knowledge you need to excel in your career; additionally, we also want you to have a fortified faith and desire to spread the love of Christ.

North Central University located in downtown Minneapolis
Big city. Big opportunities.

Our unique urban location gives you opportunities for establishing a career.

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Downtown Connections

By attending North Central you have unique opportunities to intern at leading local companies. When you graduate from NCU you’ll feel prepared to tackle the real-world with the quality internships you’ve completed.

You’ll be supported, mentored, and coached by your advising professor throughout your internship and have opportunities to reflect on the process. When you finish your internship you’ll have an impressive portfolio, experience to add to your resume, and a network of professionals in the industry who can recommend you—or hire you!

Biology dissection by woman wearing safety glasses and gloves
An ethical approach

You'll examine all aspects of biological research.

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Ethics in research

You will evaluate the social and ethical impacts of biological research from a variety of lenses. In examining these impacts, you can apply best practices in the real world.

  • Potential Careers

    The hands-on education you’ll get in the Biology program will prepare you for a variety of jobs and careers, including: 

  • Internships

    Our unique location in the heart of Minneapolis means our students have opportunities to intern at a variety of medical/biology-related companies. Potential local internships that you can discuss with your advisor can be found on , Indeed , and Biotech Careers.

  • Skills you'll gain
    • Interdisciplinary Science Skills
    • Science Communication and Literacy
    • Science Research and Ethics
    • Mathematical Reasoning and Application
    • Science and Faith Integration
  • What you'll learn
    • Develop field and laboratory skills
    • Read, analyze and present scientific literature
    • Present research findings
    • Evaluate social and ethical impacts of research
    • Discover, capture and evaluate data using appropriate tools and models
    • Explore scientific inquiry and methodologies through a biblical worldview


All students must complete the General Education Core and Christian Studies Core. General electives may be added or an optional minor may be selected. You need 124 total credit hours to complete the Biology major.

Meet the Program Director

Biology Professor Leah J. Cook

Dr. Leah J. Cook

Program Director of the School of Science and Math
Associate Professor

What first interested you in the field?

I was introduced to science while helping my mother study for nursing school. I went to a public high school that offered advanced biology options that allowed student lab assistants to lead a group of students in laboratory activities. I have a passion for learning and teaching science and challenge each of my students to find one thing that they found interesting in my classes that perhaps impact their life or change their perspective of the world around them.

What are your areas of expertise?

My experience lies in teaching biology while creating and implementing new curriculum. I have been teaching for over 15 years. My graduate training was field-based Biology research for my master’s degree and Science Education for my doctoral degree. I want students to learn and appreciate the world around them and begin to understand the microscopic and macroscopic details of its interrelationships.

What do you love about teaching at North Central?

I love having the ability to share my love of science and also my faith with my peers and the students of North Central University. The opportunity to work with students in their laboratory and field work skills is exciting and rewarding. I also love the fact that we can explore science from a Christian worldview and prepare students to make an impact on and through the sciences!

What are your favorite classes to teach?

I love teaching all the classes in my discipline. If I had to pick a couple, they would probably be both the labs and lectures of Biology 1 & 2. In these classes, we explore new ideas and are exposed to the diversity of the world around us.  I love engaging with students using different styles of feedback assessments in lecture and the hands-on learning experiences in lab.